Who thought up tablets from laziness

Who thought up tablets from laziness

Many mass media reported about creation of new medication - "tablets from laziness". Most often give fight against obesity as an example of their application - if you do not have enough will power to force itself to drive physical exercises excess weight, eat a new pill, and the laziness will pass.

The name of "a tablet from laziness" was thought up, of course, by journalists, and materials which gave for this purpose a reason are published on the website of the scientific magazine of Federation of the American societies of experimental biology - The FASEB Journal. Authors of the message in the magazine are six scientists, one of which (Max Gassmann) works at the Peruvian university Cayetano Heredia in Lima, and other five (Beat Schuler, Johannes Vogel, Beat Grenacher, Robert A. Jacobs, Margarete Arras) - in various divisions of University of Zurich in Switzerland.

From the researches conducted by them the scientists drew a conclusion that with use of erythropoietin it is possible to operate to some extent - to stimulate with brain human activity his commitment and working capacity. In an organism of people erythropoietin is produced by kidneys and stimulates increase in blood of level of erythrocytes - red blood cells. This its function eventually leading to the increased content in blood of oxygen and these the raising efficiency of the person put medicine in a row forbidden to use by athletes. Though its use as doping a few years ago made erythropoietin known to the general public.

The Swiss scientists investigated other aspects of its action, having used three groups of experimental mice for comparison. Except control group they observed animals to which erythropoietin of the person was entered and also the rodents genno modified - in their organism this human hormone was produced independently. In the made experiments the quantity of red blood cells in blood of animals did not increase, nevertheless, two last groups showed higher endurance in run. Certainly, about release of "tablets from laziness" of the speech does not go yet, but scientists assume that this method of stimulation of physical activity can be used for the solution of various problems with health - from obesity and a depression to Alzheimer's disease.

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