Why gas is done liquid

Why gas is done liquid

In the modern world of the economic relations of the company quite often look for an opportunity to minimize costs of all processes connected with production, storage, transportation of any given product. Not an exception and products of gas.

Natural gas is mineral which is got by means of wells. In the territory of the natural gas field a large number of such wells have to provide uniform falling of reservoir pressure in a deposit. A terminal point of delivery of the extracted gas are various factories, the plants, the enterprises, combined heat and power plant, gas services of the city.

Thousands of scientists in various laboratories carry daily out a huge number of experiments, technologists at the plants and factories, following accurate instructions, puzzle by search of the most favorable ways of bringing to the end user of gas - substances in gaseous aggregate state which catastrophically badly gives in to processing and the more so transportation in an initial look.  

Today natural gas was learned to be transported in a zhizhenny look. As gas has neither color, nor a smell, for the purpose of prevention of its leak, and as a result, poisonings of people or ignition of the room, add various odorants, that is chemicals which have a smell, unpleasant for the person, to it.

  • Pure liquefied natural gas does not burn and cannot self-ignite. But as a result of evaporation and at contact with fire this property renews. To begin to use it, gas needs to be warmed up again.

As gas is done liquid

For simplification of movement, storage, uses liquefy gas. All process of liquefaction takes place in special regasification terminals. Liquefied natural gas is the absolutely colourless liquid deprived of a smell.

  • After transition from gaseous state to liquid, its volume decreases by six hundred

Process consists of consecutive compression and cooling which continues until liquefaction does not happen. It should be noted that this process is very energy-intensive. For reduction of amount of the spent energy use potential energy of gas and its natural cooling.

Storage of gas is carried out in specialized tanks which are called cryotanks. And transportation is carried out on sea vessels and special cars. The final transit occurs on pipelines.

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