Why it is impossible to turn on the conditioner at an open window?

Why it is impossible to turn on the conditioner at an open window?

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The majority of the conditioners installed in rooms are only capable to reduce temperature, but at the same time they do not deliver fresh air. As a result in rooms where there are many people, the shortage of oxygen sometimes is observed that provokes a condition of suffocation. For this reason interests many whether it is possible to open windows at the working conditioner. The relevance of this subject is also caused by results of an experiment that if windows are closed and long time works the conditioner, then indoors there is a surplus of carbon dioxide, and it, as we know, is harmful to the general condition of an organism. For this reason it is worth understanding most in detail this situation taking into account all nuances.

Why it is impossible to turn on the conditioner at an open window?

If the cooling equipment, then an open window works not only resists to cooling of the room, and at times and in general does it senseless, but also causes several negative consequences which should be considered.

Why it is impossible to open windows when the conditioner works:

  1. Indoors air volume increases, so to reduce its temperature the equipment should work in the emergency mode, spending more time and energy for cooling of the room. Besides the cooled air comes to light, being replaced with warm. The similar operating mode negatively affects a condition of the conditioner and also increases power consumption that will be reflected in utility payments.
  2. Working with an open window, the conditioner gets littered much quicker. To avoid breakage of the equipment it is necessary to clean filters more often than usually. It is connected it with the fact that at an open window a large amount of dust, pollen and other garbage gets to the room. As a result the conditioner works not so effectively and air in the room also becomes soiled.
  3. Many know that if long time to sit under the conditioner, then it is possible to catch cold. Scientists proved, operation of the conditioner at open windows significantly increases risk of development of a disease as in such situation to avoid drafts it will not turn out. Especially dangerously it for children.

From here it is possible to draw a conclusion that the conditioner and an open window indoors are two incompatible concepts. It is the best of all to air the room several times a day, but at the same time the equipment has to be switched off. In that case you receive the cooled air oxygenated.


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