Why it is worth preferring tourism to rest on the beach?

Why it is worth preferring tourism to rest on the beach?

Tourism is a philosophy and a way of life. "Our carpet — a flower glade, our walls - pines giants", is not just words from the popular song, it is the present anthem by people who travel around the most beautiful places of the planet with a backpack and a tent.

As everything looks from outside

Ordinary people treat tourists indulgent compassionately. Especially if the person relaxes on the beach by the sea and observes how the group of tourists with huge backpacks atilt in the distance prepares for rise. Similar pictures can quite often be observed, for example, in the Crimea. It is necessary to tell that at this moment the tourists feel sorry for themselves too and dream to dump backpacks and it to appear in the sea. However, active holiday of subjects also differs from passive that demands some victims which are rewarded then with interest.

The pity in vacationers is caused by tourists and when they, dusty and tired, rise by mountain top where "all normal people" were brought 15 minutes ago by the comfortable tourist bus with the conditioner and the guide.

Sense of superiority of "the white person" over "savage" can fly at the vacationer at the vague thought of tourists when he spends time in seaside bar in the evening, ordering the next portion of specialty cocktail.

As is actually

Tourists are people lazy, and they very much like to have a rest. Therefore the type of the people sunbathing on on the beach causes in them always yearning. A type of the bus with the conditioner at mountain top — desire to throw everything and to jerk back in a civilization. And the thought of specialty cocktail in seaside bar will not leave practically any tourist indifferent. But! If you suggest the tourist to exchange his backpack for all listed civilization benefits, he will only grin to you in a face. At least, 9 people from 10 will act this way. And that is why.

The tourist has an opportunity to have such feelings which the person having a rest in the resort saw only at cinema.

  1. Feeling of comradeship. The cities made long ago of people of the isolated individuals leading own life (in a uniform rush the people gather unless for protest meetings today). On this background it is especially pleasant to feel a part of group where strong help weak where all adhere to approximately same outlooks on life and where each person can wake for a short time all the best qualities.
  2. All feelings become aggravated. Did you eat something with appetite long ago? Not because lunch time namely because are hungry came? And whether long ago you slept heavily? And just feeling of love for the person who is nearby how long tested?
  3. An opportunity to have a rest comprehensively. It is known that the person consists of three forms: body, mind and soul. That for whom all three components constantly work leads a rich life. However, to a thicket it happens so that one of the parties of our being is involved much less the others. It would seem, the backpacking represents only work of a body. It far not so: both the body, and soul, and mind work at this moment equally intensively. What you will not tell about beach vacation which is more directed to passive physical rest.
  4. An opportunity to visit where cars will not pass. Fortunately, highways are paved not everywhere. There are fantastic and beautiful places where there is no Wi-fi and even mobile communication. There it is possible to sit and look quietly afar or to talk to people pleasant to you, feeling absolute internal balance. Really, on shank's mare it is possible to go to such places where do not carry health-resort visitors by buses with conditioners and where there is no probability to come across for the remains of a former feast with a heap of plastic bottles.

For this reason tourists, probably, the happiest people in the world. What else is necessary for happiness?


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team