Why Muslims do not eat pork?

Why Muslims do not eat pork?

Any religion comprises laws and sacred instructions which honor and to which the believing people follow. For example, in Islam there is a ban on consumption of some animals. Namely those who eat other animals, drop, carrion. One of these animals is the pig. ""... Carrion, blood, meat of a pig are forbidden you... All this is an ungodliness"". (The Holy Quran, 5:3) Meat of a pig in modern society is one of the most popular foodstuff. But those people who honor the Quran that is Muslims, do not eat pork.

Why Muslims cannot eat pork?

There is no concrete and exact answer to this question. It is only possible to make several assumptions, Muslims and pork"" are the closest suitable to such disputable subject as "".

This ban was created long ago, in ancient times. Perhaps, soldiers who took pork in campaigns often perished from poisonings with the spoiled or infected meat of a pig.

Muslims do not eat pork because they a pig consider a dirty animal and respectively meat at it ""dirty"". All know that a pig an omnivore, she does not disdain even human meat and own waste.

Care of own health can also be the reason why Muslims do not eat pork. This meat can contain dangerous parasites who survive at heat treatment and settle in a human body. If often is pork it is possible to catch trichinosis (defeat by parasites of muscle tissue of the person), encephalitis (damage of nervous system) or even cancer. Some ask themselves a question - Muslims do not eat pork in general? And whether it is possible under certain circumstances is pork to Muslims? There is a meat of a pig, according to the Quran, is not a sin only in case it you save to yourself life. And in the Bible there is a ban on this meat too, but for some reason Christians do not follow this ban and continue to eat it.

And whether Muslims eat pork, despite the ban?

Some of them after all eat this meat, reasoning it with the fact that it is very old haram (will lock) and it can be not followed in modern society.

When I asked one familiar person, the Muslim by origin, but lived all life in the Christian country which did not follow sacred instructions of the Quran why he, nevertheless, does not eat meat of a pig though he does not follow other bans, he answered: ""The haram not clean, meat has a bad smell. I cannot just eat it"".

Most likely, the reason is closer to the truth why Muslims do not eat pork, this maintaining health. Not only the sacred writing forbids to eat pork, but also supporters of science are doctors, strongly recommend to refuse this product. It not only is hazardous to health, but also strongly harms your appearance, a figure.

In conclusion it is possible to tell what everyone for himself chooses how to live this life. Whether to believe in God whether to live under his laws and instructions or to refuse them. And if the question still arises of you nevertheless in the head: ""Why Muslims cannot eat pork?"", remember one important aspect of the religious world - it is necessary to follow all that was told by God, he loves us, forgives us and wants to us only health and happiness. So to what then to call in question the ban about pork? That is why true Muslims do not eat pork? Because they live according to the Quran, on the registered moral laws. That's all.

You remember, the science is an emergence of the questions going from your mind. The religion is an existence of the belief going from your heart. Progress in the choice of the correct course of life!


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team