Why on the earth drinking water supply disappears

Why on the earth drinking water supply disappears

The problem of completion of stocks of natural drinking water will become in the next decades main for mankind. Over 2 billion people on the planet have no access to the vital resource. The growing needs of the person and his irresponsible relation to the nature became the reasons of it

Fresh water makes no more than 2.5-3% of the general water stock of Earth. Its main weight is frozen in glaciers and snow cover of Antarctica and Greenland. One more part — numerous fresh reservoirs: rivers and lakes. The third part of reserves of fresh water is concentrated in underground tanks, deep and closer to a surface.

At the beginning of the new millennium the scientists seriously started talking about deficiency of drinking water in many countries of the world. Each inhabitant of Earth has to spend for food and personal hygiene from 20 to 50 liters of water a day. However there are countries in which there is not enough drinking water even for support of life. Waters inhabitants of Africa have the sharpest deficiency.

The first reason: increase in the population of Earth and development of new territories

According to the UN for 2011 the population of Earth grew to 7 billion people. The number of people will reach 9.6 billion by 2050. Growth of the population is accompanied by development of the industry and agriculture. The enterprises use fresh water for all production needs, at the same time returning often already non-drinkable water in the nature. It gets to the rivers and lakes. Level of their pollution became critical for planet ecology recently. Development of agriculture in the countries of Asia, India and China exhausted the largest rivers of these regions. Development of new lands leads to shallowing of reservoirs and forces people to develop underground wells and the deep-water horizons.

The second reason: irrational use of sources of fresh water

The majority of sources of natural fresh water is replenished with a natural way. Moisture gets to the rivers and lakes with an atmospheric precipitation which part goes to underground tanks. The deep-water horizons belong to irreplaceable stocks. Barbaric use of pure fresh water by the person deprives of the river and lakes of the future. Rains do not manage to fill the shallowing reservoirs, and at the same time water is often wasted. A part of the used water leaves under the earth through leaks in city water supply systems. Opening the crane in kitchen or in soul, people seldom think of that how many water is lost in vain. The habit to save resources did not become relevant for most of inhabitants of Earth yet. Getting of water from deep wells can also become a big mistake, having deprived future generations of the main reserves of fresh natural water and to irreparably break planet ecology. Modern scientists see an exit in economy of water resources, toughening of control of processing of waste and desalting of sea salty water. If the mankind thinks now and in time will take measures, our planet forever will remain a fine source of moisture for all the types of life existing on it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team