Why people are ill?

Why people are ill?

To live happily - it is the main desire of each person. However problems and diseases often hinder the achievement of this state.

Trying to understand why people are ill, the person wants to approach the happiness.

Causes of diseases

There are several reasons why the person can be ill:

  1. Wrong relation to the body. Here enter: existence of addictions, stay on drafts, a heat, slovenliness, excessive physical activities.
  2. Improper feeding. Lyubov to fat, fried, sweet, artificial – is one of the worst enemies of health.
  3. Inactive way of life. Long sitting at office, at the computer, movement on a personal car is led to the fact that the person gradually physically weakens because of what his health worsens.
  4. Stresses and experiences. Sometimes it is enough to find out why soul hurts the person and to work over this problem that the chronic disease disappeared. Anguish can be caused by dissatisfaction with a situation at work, the family conflicts, an implementation failure of desires.
  5. Negative information impact. Here can enter as communication with the person who has negative effect on aura, and the general situation: for example, crisis in the country. Constant negative information begins to press on consciousness which, without having found the best way out, can escape, going to a disease. In this moment the reason of can hide why the person is hurt by the head. Thus consciousness tries to signal that it does not cope with any problem. To get rid of a headache in that case, it is necessary to try to find out the disturbing situation or a source of the negative pressing information.

Trying to understand the reason why the person often is ill, it is necessary to investigate not only the physical party of his life, but also spiritual. The solution of psychological problems positively affects the state of health, increases immunity and helps to transfer diseases easier.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team