Why people smoke?

Why people smoke?

The habit to smoke tobacco came to the modern person from Indians of North America. For them tobacco smoking was a certain ritual by means of which they communicated with the other world. In our modern society tobacco smoking, namely cigarettes, stopped being a habit, it became serious dependence. According to more than 50% of the population of the globe tried to use or still use tobacco in its any form. Generally people smoke cigarettes. But why they do it? Why people smoke?

The physiological reason that people alcohol and cigarettes reduce to themselves life is quite simple, and is known to all of us - narcological dependence on the substances entering these products of consumption.

But let's sort more deeply this relevant, unfortunately, today a problem.

Why people begin to smoke?

The main reason why people begin to smoke is an imitation. And it is unimportant, how old are you - 12 or 42. If you began to smoke, so someone or something influenced your brain so that you decided to begin to file slowly a bough on which you sit. In the childhood we begin to smoke the proposal of our friends and acquaintances, we see that they smoke, and we want to resemble them too. At mature age we are very strongly influenced by media in which pretty often show the smoking people. That is it turns out - people seek not to stand out from the crowd, to be as all.

Why people do not leave off smoking?

You are interested in the reasons why people smoke and do not throw?

Carry out a sociological question among the smoking population and you will see approximately such answers:

  • ""Helps to reduce stress...""
  • ""Helps to concentrate...""
  • ""I am afraid to grow fat, here and I smoke...""
  • ""It is beautiful and elegant...""
  • ""There is nothing to borrow hands...""
  • ""I like taste...""
  • ""I like a smell...""
  • ""I like a ritual...""
  • ""Just I smoke and all...""

All these reasons are only excuses though people also believe in them. Actually, the reason why people smoke, the interrelation of physiological dependence on nicotine with pleasant and not really life situations is. In two hours after the smoked cigarette the disaccustoming of an organism from nicotine begins. At the same time the person does not feel any physical pain, there is a feeling of discomfort which we connect with a situation in which we are. That is why people smoke after sex or after a meal. When to us it is very good, we should smoke. When to us it is bad, we should smoke. We think that the cigarette is simply necessary for us. Just the organism demands one more portion of nicotine, and we connect smoking with ours at the moment a state.

Very small percent of people after all refuses tobacco smoking forever. How at them does it turn out?

Why people leave off smoking?

It is senseless to describe the reasons, all of us know them.

The shock therapy does not act on us... Plasters, chewing gum, books, electronic cigarettes do not help the majority too...

And you know why? Why some people leave off smoking, and nothing is impossible to others how many they tried?

Everything is simple. Matter in desire and motivation. And it is more in anything!

Understand, nobody will help you if you really do not want to throw. Only after emergence of true and strong desire to leave off smoking it is possible to look for the reason (for everyone the) to make it. Their set: health, children, money, beauty, sport...


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team