Why the car – emergence of a problem because of the starter, spark plugs, the accumulator and other reasons is not started

Why the car – emergence of a problem because of the starter, spark plugs, the accumulator and other reasons is not started

Each driver can face a problem and it is important to know why the car is not started. In that case it is desirable to be informed what reasons can lead to such situation what to make if it occurred when it is possible to do without the help of experts and so forth.

The reasons why the car is not started

The start mode – one of more difficult for the car, and for normal start of the motor everything has to work faultlessly. At first it is necessary to listen that occurs: the car becomes deaf after turn of the ignition key, or the engine works, but "troit", or in general does not react to the turn of a key in any way. Depends on these symptoms – in what the failure reason can hide.

The car – the starter is not started

The answer to a question why the car is not started, and is not present reaction to turn of a key, can consist in malfunction of the starter. It at start has to provide the minimum turns for the motor. In that case in attempt to start the engine characteristic clicks are heard. If the car is equipped with a mechanical box, there is always a sense to try to bring him "from the pusher".

Check of the starter the hands is possible – it needs to be connected directly to the accumulator (if terminals are available). For this purpose it is necessary to throw the corresponding wires. If the starter rotates normally – that not in it the reason. If it does not twist absolutely – it is time to change this detail. Sometimes the starter slowly rotates. Possibly, its terminals were oxidized and they need just to be cleaned.

The car – spark plugs is not started

If the car is not got, it is necessary to check – whether not wet spark plugs. At the same time the engine can work, but "troit". Driving at a high speed, a strong overload of the car can become the reason. Check of spark plugs is simple – they need to be unscrewed, examined, cleaned with a dry rag and to blow. For this purpose it is worth establishing neutral transfer, to press the accelerator pedal and to include ignition. Fuel will not come to the combustion chamber and there air will get. After expulsion of candles, oil needs to be filled in in each cylinder (because at expulsion the oil film is removed from walls).

The car – the accumulator is not started

The most widespread problem why at all the car is not started, the discharged accumulator – especially after the long parking is. At night air temperature falls, the car cools down, the battery sits down. It does not mean that the accumulator broke, perhaps, it was just insufficiently charged. What can be made:

  1. To raise battery charge level, it is possible to turn on a high beam for several minutes – electrolyte becomes more active, and the level of a charge will rise.
  2. One more problem with the accumulator is connected with oxidation of terminals. It occurs gradually, but leads to voltage drop. It is easy to fix a problem – it is necessary to turn off and smooth out terminals.
  3. An inspection of the accumulator on the level of electrolyte has to be carried out regularly by means of a tube. It needs to be placed in a jellied opening of the battery, to clamp the top end and to pull out. Level of electrolyte has to be not less than 10-12 mm.

The car – an injector is not started

Often injector engine is not started because of the fused safety locks. If the car died out, it is necessary to check – whether because of it ignition was gone. It is worth changing the used safety locks for new, it is always useful to have in the car a spare set. The reason of bad start of cars with an injector it becomes frequent a starting nozzle. Because of low-quality gasoline she is killed and badly sprays fuel. The podlivaniye in a tank of special solution which exempts nozzles from a deposit will help to solve a problem. If it did not help, cleaning of an injector can be made on HUNDRED.

The car – a fuel system is not started

If the car is not started, the reason can disappear in the fuel system of a car:

  1. It is necessary to check a network of the coarse filter – it is hammered over time and the pump lacks power to pump over gasoline. It leads to engine shutdown right after start. For elimination of a problem it is necessary to clean the polluted filter.
  2. The gasoline pump can fuse at all. If to remove it and to connect to the accumulator directly, then it is easy to check it. In case of burn-out of a gasoline pump it needs to be changed.
  3. By search of a solution why the car is not started, it is impossible to exclude also the probability that the fuel hose broke. It is easy to check it – it is only necessary to glance under the car bottom.

The car – the carburetor is not started

The main reasons why the car becomes deaf if the engine carburetor, are:

  1. Failure of the distributor of ignition. Malfunction is defined by scrolling of the starter – it turns out that the motor "does not grab".
  2. One more reason – the ignition coil which serviceability can be checked a multimeter.
  3. Quite often the "jammed" carburetor is guilty of problems with start. It needs to be washed periodically with special liquid and to regulate. In this case it is necessary to uncover and look – whether one of its motionless parts stuck.

The car – sensors is not started

The modern car is stuffed with various sensors. The car is more difficult, the their is more. The main sensors at which failure the start becomes complicated or at all the car is not got:

  1. DPKV – the crankshaft position sensor.
  2. DPRV – the camshaft position sensor.
  3. DD – the detonation sensor.
  4. DHH – the idling sensor.
  5. DT – the sensor of temperature of cooling liquid.

It is easy to check sensors independently when to them it is easily possible podlezt. If to connect the special scanner to the diagnostic socket, he will help to consider codes of mistakes. If there is no such equipment of the house, the operability of sensors can be checked by means of the voltmeter, measuring resistance – it has to be such, as in the description of the producer.

The car in a frost is not started

If the car is not started in the winter that needs to be done initially:

  1. Often the car is not brought to a hard frost because of the sat-down accumulator. If at turn of a key the starter turns, and the motor is silent, so he cannot receive current, sufficient for start-up. Even minus 30 °C it can happen to the new battery which stayed at. The first that needs to be made – to turn on a high beam on 10-20 sec. If an injector – without pressing the accelerator pedal if the carburetor – with a podgazovka.
  2. If after check of the accumulator the car all the same is not got – it is necessary to check candles: to unscrew, clean from oil and a scum, to bring to a metal part (for example, to the engine). To start the starter and to look, eat a spark – well, is not present – to replace.
  3. If the problem why is not got by a car remained, it is necessary to buy in shop efirsoderzhashchy propane (for example, "Fast start"). It is necessary to inject means into a skeleton of the air filter, to wait 5 sec. and to get a car.
  4. If the car is not got again – better to drag it in a warm garage and in about 3-4 hours to try to get. Condensate can be formed in any place on the way from an injector to a gasoline pump therefore details need to be warmed.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team