Why the joy of achievement of the goal disappears?

Why the joy of achievement of the goal disappears?

The objective is achieved, the work is completed, but from where the feeling of emptiness and disappointment undertakes? Why instead of joy and pride unpleasant questions appear: "And it is all?" or "And why all this was necessary?". Sometimes after capture even of big and difficult tops the achieved objective stops being significant, suddenly depreciates and loses the meaning …

Why so does occur?

The reasons a little and the first – the supersignificant purpose

It seemed to you that there is nothing more important than your purpose. All the rest – trifles and therefore do not cost attention. And here you made the most important matter in the life and … do not know what now to do next. To aspire there is nothing any more …

The second reason – a constant race

There are people for whom it is impossible to be satisfied with what has already been achieved. They need to be in the thick of things all the time, to win, try to obtain, fight. The purpose to which they already came stops being interesting. Others ahead loom – really big and serious. But here to be "here and now" it becomes sad and uninteresting.

The third reason – psychological burning out

At some people the achievement of the goals is connected with huge nervous and psychological expenses. They forget about rest, food and a dream, giving all the best up to the end. Also are exhausted so that just are not valid to feel satisfaction or pride from the done work.

The fourth reason – others purposes

Who actually needed your new work – to you or your mother, the wife, the friend? And what now you feel – elation, waking up with a thought of new day of work, or burdensome feeling because what there came one more morning of your daily sad penal servitude? Did you really want to give birth to the child, to marry, buy the house, or conceded to arrangements, fear to miss time and to be left with nothing?

The fifth reason – wrong installations

Often it seems to us that is there, behind the following abrupt turn when we overcome the last obstacle, we will be waited by an award – the happy life full of pleasant experiences. But this delusion. Having achieved the treasured objective – long-awaited increase, marriage, the birth of the child or long-awaited purchase – the person suddenly finds out that it does not do his life easier and more joyful. On the contrary, new problems are added and everything goes not as it was expected.

We return sense and joy of life

  1. The first step. Among achievements which you already have find such of which you can be proud which inspire and support you. Recognize that you cost already much and stop to worry that you lost something or missed.
  2. The second step. Wonder: what do I want actually? What will make me happy, joyful, inspired? Let it will be your personal purpose, your dream, but not imposed by someone. Let it do not coincide with expectations of your relatives – can, time to tell them came, as you have desires which are dictated by your ideals and addictions. Otherwise you and will live not the life, plunging into disappointment and a depression.
  3. The third step. Perceive the achieved objective not as a stop and as the period of fixing of results. Notice the progress even in trifles in this quiet time when there is no tension and loss of many forces any more. Dare to have a rest and relax. You are restored, think over the life, you will understand what you want more.
  4. The fourth step. Plan, fill the life with the different purposes. Then it will become the movement from one success to another, and everyone will be brings you joy.
  5. The fifth step. Going to conquer new peaks, do not spend yourself without the rest. Stop sometimes and look around. While you go upward, around you there is what is called life. Turn it into a holiday already now when you at ways. You give yourself gifts, indulge the relatives, feel pleasure from everything that you do. Then happiness will be with you always and you should not catch up with it.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team