Why the laptop itself is switched off?

Why the laptop itself is switched off?

The question "Why the Laptop Itself Is Switched Off Also What with It to Do?" periodically arises both at experienced computer users, and at beginners. The reasons for that can be a little, but most often the problem situation arises at untimely cleaning of the equipment from dust. One more reason which surely leads to unstable operation of the computer, – hit in the case of foreign substances and objects.

Let's try to understand why the laptop is spontaneously switched off

Any personal computer, whether it be the stationary device with the system unit or the portable laptop, constantly demands cooling. In the computer from three to ten different fans – the big sizes on the motherboard and the processor, and small on the video card or the case can be installed. Because fans constantly overtake through themselves air, settle the smallest parts of dust on their surface. These components of air hammer radiator lattices and sit down on interiors of any laptop which, after all, begins to be switched off spontaneously.

If you defined why your laptop began to be switched off, the logical question follows – what with it to do? Experts note that on average the modern laptop can work without obligatory cleaning up to one and a half years. After that it is necessary to open it and to make full cleaning of a surface of fans, radiators and motherboards of the collected dust. Experienced users often try to make it independently – now it is possible to find a set of articles on "How to Clean the Laptop from Dust" in the Internet and even special videocourses. But not to damage the expensive equipment, it is recommended to address to the service center which specialists have all necessary for cleaning of the computer equipment.

How to avoid problems with operation of the laptop further? Try to make cleaning from dust periodically that the equipment did not bring you at midpoint. Thanks to the compactness, laptops are often used on distant trips, on streets, in cars, etc. In many listed places, dust can collect for weeks therefore try to care for the portable assistant and do not work long at him in especially polluted places.

Why the laptop is heated and switched off – problems with the operating system

There is one more problem which definition can give the answer to the question "Why the Laptop Is Constantly Switched Off?". Often users install the operating system which is not meeting the requirements of energy saving on the portable equipment. Because of it laptops overheat, begin to work with failures and can even fail completely.

Initially is installed Windows Vista or Windows 7 which users replace with habitual to all Windows XP on the vast majority of laptops. But producers of software do not release relevant updates for HR for a long time therefore in this operating system often there are no drivers and utilities, necessary for energy saving. And it, in turn, often leads to the fact that the laptop is spontaneously switched off and itself joins from overheating. To ensure stable functioning of the equipment, try to follow all recommendations of the producer concerning the version of the installed operating system. Be not engaged in experiments if you are absolutely not sure of the forces, your nonprofessional actions can lead to big additional costs of repair.


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