Why the person hiccups?

Why the person hiccups?

Nobody will call a hiccups the pleasant phenomenon. In the course of a hiccups all body shudders, causing not only physical, but also psychological discomfort, especially if you are in society. However at all this the hiccups is useful to an organism as it allows to dump the arising loading from vagus nerve.

Why the person hiccups?

The phenomenon of a hiccups is closely connected with vagus nerve which passes from a thorax in an abdominal cavity. In the place of pass through an opening in a diaphragm the nerve closely adjoins to a gullet. In this site it is also subject to injuries.

The irritation of a nerve occurs for various reasons:

  • at pass through a gullet of big pieces of food;
  • at fast consumption of food;
  • when overeating;
  • at a fright, because of a sharp breath;
  • at the wrong sitting as a result of which the nerve is pressed;
  • at the use of a large amount of cold water;
  • at children the hiccups can begin when freezing.

These are the most frequent reasons of a hiccups, however except them there are also more serious reasons connected with diseases of internals: stomach and pancreas, liver, gall bladder.

Why the person hiccups after a meal?

The hiccups after a meal can appear in such cases:

  • if food was swallowed by big pieces and badly chewed;
  • if consumption of food was hasty;
  • if during meal of people sat in the wrong pose;
  • if there is a renal failure, tumors and abscesses around a diaphragm or a gullet.

If the hiccups has single character, it is not necessary to worry. It is just necessary to carry out the simplest rules of food which include careful chewing and slow meal during which you should not read or watch TV. If the hiccups has constant character, it is worth consulting with the doctor for an exception of serious diseases of digestive tract, a liver and a diaphragm.

Why the person often hiccups?

It is possible to call a hiccups the normal phenomenon if it arises seldom and is caused by the situations described above. If the hiccups arises often, it can demonstrate violations in work of internals. Same it is possible to explain why the person long hiccups.

The most common cause of a frequent and long hiccups are diseases of the digestive system. Besides the frequent hiccups can be provoked by such reasons:

  • damage or frequent irritation of vagus nerve;
  • diseases of lungs: pleurisy, pneumonia because of which lungs begin to press on vagus nerve;
  • frequent use of highly carbonated water;
  • diseases of a brain and craniocereberal injuries;
  • passing of a course of chemotherapy;
  • use of some medicines, for example, dexamethasone;
  • anesthesia and surgical intervention;
  • dream in an uncomfortable position.

Why the person hiccups after alcohol?

The hiccups after alcohol intake is connected with the poisoning impact of alcohol on an organism. Alcoholic drinks break work of bodies and their systems, leading to some failures. First of all negative impact extends to a liver which ceases to perform the function fully. Besides, alcohol causes diaphragm spasms that leads to infringement of vagus nerve. If the hiccups after consumption of alcoholic drinks happens often and long time lasts, it is necessary to see a doctor to exclude serious diseases of a liver.

As the main reason why the drunk person hiccups, organism intoxication from alcohol is, for disposal of a hiccups it is necessary to bring out of an organism toxic agents as soon as possible.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team