Why the printer prints clean sheets?

Why the printer prints clean sheets?

Why the printer prints clean sheets – quite natural question which concerns one of the most widespread problems arising with office equipment. The reasons at such breakage can be a little, so and it is possible to eliminate it in different ways.

What to do if the printer prints clean sheets?

First, be not too lazy to check quantity of a toner, perhaps, it it is banal ended or dried. Secondly, the cartridge could become useless and paint on the printing edge just does not arrive. Shake it and try to print the document again. If did not leave – carry the cartridge in repair or establish new. Thirdly, if you already put a new container with a toner, but there are clean sheets, then can be it is all about a protective film which is on the printing head. Remove it and set the press again.

After filling of the cartridge the printer prints clean sheets

If you only just filled the cartridge and are sure that paint in it is, but at the same time cannot print out the document, then perhaps the container with a toner was filled incorrectly. Or it was damaged in a service workshop. Replace the cartridge with another.

The printer prints clean sheets at the full cartridge

If the system shows that the toner still is, you did not change the cartridge, but all the same suddenly the printer began to give clean sheets, then it is worth checking settings. For a start look at press parameters, perhaps restriction for intensity of color or an exclusive regime of economy of a toner is set here. Also the reason can disappear in drivers and mistakes ON. Change them, update ON, switch-off the printer approximately for half an hour and try to print again.

Also useful will be to check usb-connection, it can be incorrect. Especially it is important for network printers. The problem can consist also in paper, its type can be incompatible in your model of the printing device.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team