Why there was a doctrine vitalism

Why there was a doctrine vitalism

Emergence of such doctrine as the vitalism is historically caused and natural process. Though the channelized scientific also remained in the past, some of his ideas are of interest and to today's researchers.

The vitalism arose during quite contradictory era. On the one hand, in this time science made huge progressive jump, having described and having explained a set of the phenomena. But on the other hand, these revolutionary opening generated new questions on which at scientific answers of that time was not.

On such fertile field various exercises including vitalism also began to be formed. Its name specifies regarding a research, vitalis in translation from Latin means "live". But the novelty of this doctrine was that researchers set to themselves a task to study essence of process of origin of life, but not mechanical aspect of this phenomenon.

The issue of origin of life excited minds of many researchers. When along with the religious concept appeared and scientific theories were officially recognized, many scientists told to the world the assumptions. An opportunity without fears to state own views also became one of prerequisites of emergence of vitalism. Emergence of this doctrine was caused by gaps in the existing scientific theories. Any of the existing concepts could not explain rather fully an essence of process of emergence of life. And scientists who were not satisfied by arguments of exclusively materialistic character insisted on existence of the hidden internal energy of life. Among these researchers there is also a founder of vitalism G. Driesch. The concept developed by it is synthesis of science and idealistic philosophy. On the one hand, the vitalism did not reject modern discoveries, and with another, spoke about existence of the incomprehensible internal purpose which is the integral condition of life on the earth. Such combination of views provided to vitalism high viability. Adjoined this doctrine both the former supporters of materialistic theories, and the begun to doubt idealists.

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