Winter fishing – rules, tackles, equipment, fishing secrets and cunnings

Winter fishing – rules, tackles, equipment, fishing secrets and cunnings

For many men and even women excellent rest and entertainment during a cold time is winter fishing. It is necessary to be prepared for it thoroughly as the catch and also comfort and even life of the fisherman will depend on it. It is necessary to pick up the correct equipment and equipment.

Fishing in the winter

When planning winter fishing great value weather takes, the habitat and features of behavior of fish. If to work at random, then success of this action will tend to zero. There are certain rules of winter fishing, and they concern safety:

  1. Pay attention to color of ice, so, if he blue, then points it to its maximum durability, and here white ice is twice thinner. If ice yellow, then it testifies to its unreliability.
  2. Do not check ice durability blow of a leg at all. It is impossible that in one place of a reservoir many people crowded.
  3. Consider that ice has smaller durability in places where a strong current, in inflows and mouths of the rivers.
  4. If during winter fishing the ice crash was heard, then it is necessary to lay down on it and to be rolled to the safe place.
  5. When the person fails in water, it is important not to make sharp movements and not to panic. It is necessary to stretch hands in the parties to be hooked for ice.

Fishing secrets and cunnings of winter fishing

Skilled fishers give useful tips for beginners thanks to what it is possible to increase chances of a good catch:

  1. On sunny day or when catching in shallow water it is recommended to darken a hole snow that fish was not afraid.
  2. If strong wind, then it is worth putting behind a hole "wall" from snow which will protect and "heat".
  3. Secrets of winter fishing specify that if to fill a handful of the crushed hay or a grass in a hole, then it will not freeze. Besides during swelling they will attract fish.
  4. When catching a pike it is recommended to make prior to the beginning of a blesneniye several holes in 4-5 m from each other. Sludge ice should be removed from them so much that the spinner went to water.
  5. To catch a burbot, certain skills are necessary. The wooden stick with a motovilets which has to have the rigid end will become a good udilnik. The fishing line has to be thick, and holes – big. The best time for catching – from 18 to 23 h.
  6. Winter fishing will be safe if before an exit to ice to grease ears, a nose and cheeks with goose fat that will help to avoid a frostbite.
  7. In hard frosts it is better to put fish about the bag laid by fabric that it is not a peremerzla and did not lose the tastes.
  8. In thick ice of the most convenient the hole of a cone-shaped form is. The dimeter of the lower opening has to make 10-15 cm.
  9. Previously the screw of an ice axe is recommended to be processed a paraffin piece to facilitate drilling of a hole. It is especially relevant if between ice layers there is water.

Tackles for winter fishing

For successful fishing in cold season, it is necessary to be prepared for this event carefully. The main tackles for winter fishing: rods, baits and baits, a fishing line, knives for the ice drill, spinners and balance weights, and still fragrances. The special attention is deserved by a rod, and many fishermen choose variantv with jigs and spinners, and still float rods and winter zherlitsa. The rod for winter fishing which is called "balalaika" is popular, and it is used for catching at a different depth. It is important that it was easy, short and had the coil.

Equipment for winter fishing

With one handbag you will not go to fishing in the winter as the list of necessary equipment – considerable:

  1. Ice drill. There are several types of this tool: "spoon", shnekovy and cylinder. A novelty is the electrodrill for winter fishing which is externally similar to a big drill. Skilled fishers do not recommend to use such ice drill as it is very heavy.
  2. Hook. The tool in the form of a handle with a sharp hook on the end will help to get large fish.
  3. Scoop. This equipment is used to remove the ice crumb accumulating in a hole. The scoop has to be strong and have the long handle.
  4. Ottsep. Winter fishing will be more convenient thanks to this tool – heavy load on a thick wicker thanks to which baits in water will not be lost. It falls on a bottom, presses on a bait and exempts a hook from a catch.
  5. Char-a-banc. Fans of winter fishing can buy a special box which will be a seat and storage for a different bait.

Winter fishing accessories

There is a huge number of devices which can be used on winter fishing. As an example it is possible to cite such accessories:

  1. Adaptation has a spring and it helps to hold a mouth of large predatory fish open to get tackles.
  2. Not to waste time on cold, the equipment for winter fishing has to include a leskovdevatel.
  3. For the shelter from bad weather it is possible to use the guard saving from wind. Its design includes three laths fitted by light fabric which are inserted into openings in ice.
  4. It is possible to buy the sonic depth finder for winter fishing – the device by means of which investigate a bottom and objects finding below. It is possible to learn about the current, depth and other parameters important for fishing.

Equipment for winter fishing

Gathering for winter fishing, it is necessary to take care of purchase of suitable equipment – warm clothes as it is necessary to be long time on ice and a frost. With its help it is possible to avoid overcooling and not to ache. Special attention winter fishing footwear as legs freeze most quicker deserves. Do not forget about protection of hands and to choose is from what: gloves with cut off index and a thumb, down mittens and mittens.

Winter suit for fishing

There are several important criteria by which it is worth being guided when choosing suitable clothes for winter fishing.

  1. Well sheepskin therefore if you plan to go often for fish, then, it is possible to buy a jacket or a short fur coat on sheepskin heats. It is important that there was a hood and a collar. Trousers have to have a belt to preserve against blowings off.
  2. The clothes for winter fishing have to be easy and convenient, at the same time, not to hold down movements. In shops for fishing it is possible to buy overalls and semi-overalls from modern fabrics which well keep heat and remove moisture outside. The clothes have to be made of waterproof fabric.

Winter fishing footwear

Not to ache, important correctly to pick up footwear which should not be close and insufficiently warm as legs will quickly freeze.

  1. Many fishermen choose the old and checked valenoks which not heavy and warm, but they absorb in themselves moisture, can become crude and then legs will freeze. That to avoid it, it is recommended to put on at first the fishing boot covers having a high top.
  2. One more option – boots for winter fishing for which production membrane materials are used. They are well passed moisture outside, but at the same time keep heat. It is better to buy good couple at once and not to save.

Layered clothing for winter fishing

Not to freeze, skilled fishings recommend to put on the layered clothing made of natural and synthetic materials. It well keeps heat, warms and passes moisture. The layered clothing can be bought both in fishing shop, and in other places of sale of clothes. If it was not succeeded to find it, then use woolen linen. One more important element of equipment – thermosocks for winter fishing as legs have to be in heat. It is possible to replace them with woolen socks, but at the same time it is worth putting cotton, and then also kapron socks on them.


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