Wisdom teeth - why they are necessary?

Wisdom teeth - why they are necessary?

Stomatologists consider that it is the most usual teeth because they have the ordinary building. Wisdom teeth they are called because they go the eighth in each number of teeth, that is, at any person at most four wisdom teeth can grow. A keyword is the word – "can"! And so, why they are necessary, these wisdom teeth – read below.

For what wisdom teeth are necessary?

At all people till a certain moment the wisdom teeth are in a "rudimentary" state. They can be cut through, and can remain in the same state. As a rule, it occurs aged from 18 up to 27 years. To it the period in all respects comes to an end formation, that is a physiological maturity of an organism.

There is an opinion that these wisdom teeth are not necessary to the person at all. This incorrect opinion. Such tooth will become a good support at prosthetics of tooth bridges in old age, and can assign to itself a part of chewing function.

Whether wisdom teeth are necessary or it is better to remove?

As well as any other tooth, these teeth it is possible and it is necessary to treat. However, treatment can be difficult and painful in connection with features of the location of tooth. It can stretch for 2-3 months.

The doctor will try to keep a wisdom tooth in the following cases:

  • it is necessary to keep it for prosthetics;
  • there can be general roots with the next tooth, that is it is necessary to extract 2 teeth at once;
  • removal of tooth can lead to a curvature of the next teeth.

In each case the stomatologist surely has to pay attention to chronic diseases of the patient: diabetes, blood diseases, allergy or oncology. Due to these diseases the dental care of wisdom is categorically contraindicated.

it is always necessary to extract a wisdom tooth?

Removal of a wisdom tooth – quite difficult operation, but it is not necessary to be afraid of it. In the practice the stomatologists use all the most modern: equipment, anesthesia. Therefore the patient will not feel any discomfort. Even after there will pass feelings from an anesthesia, painful and unpleasant feelings are easily stopped by means of modern medicines.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team