10 advice to women "How to make happy the man?"

10 advice to women "How to make happy the man?"

Your once strong and serious relations begin to collapse? Do you know that your man that which will make you happy for the rest of life? Do not allow the relations to end and become for him that the woman who will make happy him.


1. You go to hairdressing salon, to the cosmetologist, buy a new dress or just do the favorite thing. Feel confident in yourself, a spark which will light up your eyes. And your darling will not be able to pass by this mysterious gloss.

2. Find for yourself new occupation, hobby, become again interesting and mysterious for the man.

3. Become appeasable and womanly, and your man will begin to show the character, force.

4. Listen to the man, learn more about his colleagues, friends, hobbies, show interest in that part of his life which he carries out without you.

5. Stop being a shadow of the man, be engaged in the work, hobbies, communication with friends. Become that again the personality with whom your man fell in love.

6. Feel taste to life, smile, stay in good mood, nothing so paints the woman as steady feeling of optimism and belief in the future.

7. Begin to surprise the man in kitchen, in sex, on joint rest. Be every time different, unusual.

8. Learn to solve the conflicts without insults, claims and shout. Be convincing in a quiet manner of a conversation.

9. Periodically create romantic evenings without serious talk. Just enjoy society of the man.

10. Learn to love the man not for some achievements or traits of character, and just like that.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team