10 councils how to get to fall in love the man

10 councils how to get to fall in love the man

Knowledge of several psychological secrets is capable to help to get to fall in love the man. Sometimes it is enough to begin to watch more carefully himself or to change behavior tactics to dement the elect.

To get to fall in love the man, the woman does not need to change cardinally. She can remain herself, but at the same time correct a little the behavior. Several simple receptions will help to attract attention the elect and to induce him to take the first step. 

Effective appearance

Men are visual. This rule can seem to someone banal, but women often forget about it. That the man began to look after, it is necessary at first to learn to look after himself, to fall in love with itself. It is not obligatory to have ideal external data. It is enough to watch purity of a body, a condition of hair, to be tidy. To emphasize advantages and to hide shortcomings, it is necessary to learn to use cosmetics correctly. 

Before an appointment it is possible to do more seductive make-up. Men very much like bright lips, smooth skin. At the same time it is important not to go too far in cosmetics that the boomerang effect was not gained. 


Smile - effective weapon for seducing. To be pleasant to the man, it is necessary to smile, give more often to him good mood at a meeting. If with the woman easily and comfortably, there is a wish to spend more and more time with her. 

Men love when they are appreciated, respected. The coquettish smile and the shining interlocutor's look they perceive as the proof that with them it is interesting. Men quickly fall in love with those who force them to believe in own importance and uniqueness.

Seductive clothes

To draw attention of the man and to dement him, it is necessary to put on correctly. Effectively not only dresses with deep decolletes, but also the lacy blouses fitting trousers with a high waistline look. If the woman needs to observe a dress code, but at the same time there is desire to be pleasant to the nice colleague, it is possible to put on a skirt pencil in combination with a blouse or a shirt on buttons. Men consider such image very sexual. 

It is possible to dare to put on a top on shoulder-straps or a dress with an open back an appointment. To emphasize harmonious legs, it is possible to choose tights with the drawing and to put on stiletto shoes. 


Politeness in communication - one more trick allowing to entice the man. The roughness very strongly pushes away. If the woman wants to be pleasant, she needs to be soft and flexible. You should not argue too actively with the elect, to criticize him, to reproach with something, especially at early stages of development of the relations. 

Interest in his hobbies

For any person of hobby occupy a special role in life. Men are very much flattered by attention to their persons therefore girls should be interested sincerely in what is important for them. But in this situation it is necessary to observe a measure. It is not necessary to try to represent from itself the expert in any given area. It is rather simple to express interest, admiration. 


Men by the nature are hunters. They like to win women, to achieve the objective. To dement the elect, it is necessary to give him the chance to realize the natural instinct. You should not agree to everything at once. It is possible to play a little, but it is necessary to do it carefully not to achieve boomerang effect. The excessive inaccessibility is capable to frighten. 

Simple reception will help to draw attention of the elect. The girl needs to show interest in it, to poflirtovat, and then to change behavior, to increase a distance. The man will have mixed feelings, will begin to worry on the fact that made something not so, and will surely want to get acquainted closer with such unpredictable girl. 


To get to fall in love the man, it is necessary to learn to accept gifts correctly. The more he will enclose, the attachment will be stronger. This rule can seem to some cynical, but it works. If the man gives something in all sincerity, it is necessary to accept a gift with a smile and gratitude. 

Own opinion

Even if the man strongly is pleasant and there is desire to get it to fall in love, you should not change the principles. Some women think that they will tie the elect, agreeing with him in everything. But this wrong opinion. The man has to understand that before him the self-sufficient and self-assured personality. It will only stir its interest. If something in his behavior is not pleasant and the woman categorically does not agree with statements, actions of the elect, it is necessary to speak about it directly. 

Innocent provocations

To interest the man, it is sometimes admissible to afford small provocations. It is possible to force the elect to be jealous, having paid attention to another or having provoked someone from outside to compliments, courtings. At the same time it is very important to follow a measure and rules of decency not to deserve reputation of the thoughtless person. 


Touches, physical contact well bring together. If in the relations with the man there is a flirtation, it is possible to dare to touch it, to approach closer and to take by hand. At the same time it is important to monitor the return reaction. Actions of the elect need to be explained correctly. If touches are not pleasant to him, it is better not to make repeated attempts of rapprochement, having postponed them for some time. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team