10 female habits which irritate men

10 female habits which irritate men

Not all female habits are pleasant to men. To construct the harmonious and happy relations with the partner, it is necessary to pay attention to things most of which of all irritate the stronger sex, and whenever possible to change the behavior.

Some aspects of female behavior cause full confusion, disappointment and even anger in men. Psychologists call 10 female habits which strongly irritate men. 

Talk in improper time

Most of women likes to talk. Communication is just necessary for them for obtaining new knowledge, social skills. But sometimes a talk turns out insignificant, senseless. It very strongly irritates men, especially when they come from work or very much were tired, want to stay in silence, and darling does not allow them to relax, wants to talk. At such moments the female voice either is completely ignored by them, or turns into an irritation source. 

Discussion of personal problems with girlfriends

The love of women for heart-to-heart talks with girlfriends is not pleasant to men when the personal relations become a subject of such communication. Girlfriends quite often the first learn about existence of problems in couple. If the man becomes knows it, he can fly into a rage. Sometimes women give themselves, saying to the partner that the close friend gave him a practical advice which will help to settle the conflict. Men are more reserved. They do not like to submit personal for display. 

Tears without the reason

Women like to cry and men understand that it is necessary to treat it indulgently, without forgetting about weakness of an opposite sex. But many are irritated by prospect to console and to calm constantly if they do not know the reason of tears or the visible reason just do not. Men do not understand how to work in such situation, and it very strongly angers them. 

Demonstration of feelings

Women like to show the success to people around. To them it is very important that girlfriends estimated all their achievements to which number they carry also the relations with the man. Such behavior is not absolutely clear to men. Strongly irritates them when the beloved, getting on a secular action, defiantly embraces it, holds by a hand, kisses. 

Long collecting

The habit to gather long enrages men. Men have a few other idea of time. The darling's phrase ""I am almost ready"" they perceive literally and are angry if in 5 minutes they find out that the girl is not even dressed. 

Invasion into personal space

Habit of women to ask men on their thoughts and feelings, to elicit declarations of love men perceive as invasion into personal space. Sometimes there is a wish to keep some intrigue, to keep silent. Also it is not pleasant to men when them try to force to report on where they were with whom spent time. 

Habit to wear inconvenient things and shoes

The habit of women to put on the inconvenient footwear or clothes which are not corresponding to a case enrages men. Often girls put on shoes high-heeled walk on the city or even a picnic outdoors, and then complain that they cannot walk in such footwear. Men sometimes feel awkward when their companion it is inappropriate is dressed or made tastelessly up.  


Many women are very sensitive. They perceive everything too close to heart and often cannot frankly state the claims to the partner, prefer to keep silent that very strongly irritates their elects. Men are lost and do not know how it is better to behave. Sometimes they do not even suspect about offense, but notice that darling constantly in bad mood. Need to learn the reason of such behavior causes bewilderment. 

The habit is from a men's plate and to use the partner's things

The habit to use men's things is rather widespread among women. Some ladies take from darling the razor without the permission or wear his shirts. Especially irritates men when the beloved eats from its plate, without ordering food separately. 

Habit to shift the man's things

Women the order and a habit of men to scatter the things of many love shocks. When the relations with the beloved reach more confidential level, many women find it necessary to bring order to its things, to classify everything and, perhaps, even to throw out something. It is a widespread mistake which poisons the relations. Irritates men when touch their things without the permission. If there is desire to bring order, it is necessary to discuss this moment with darling. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team