10 hidden fears about which men never speak

10 hidden fears about which men never speak

Look of decision from under the shifted eyebrows, a two-day bristle, rapid and confident movements … Unless there can be some hidden fears at such representative of a strong half of mankind? It appears, can. Though even the most self-assured men prefer to hold back the majority of the fears.

#1. Defects of a figure

Many women and men share the views imposed to them since the childhood according to which they not only soul, but also a human body have to be harmoniously developed. If it is about a men's figure, then it should be brawny, in proportion to put, harmonious and tightened.

If the male body does not meet such ideal expectations, in soul of the man fears about its physical full value can quite arise. A strong part of mankind takes hints on "a beer tummy" especially painfully.

#2. Financial solvency

One of the main reasons for men's fears and fears – financial wellbeing. It is considered to be that the man – the getter who can provide in any situation the relatives financially. Sometimes the man who is not able to afford to give the beloved expensive gift for a holiday feels alarm and fear to be rejected. But men do not hurry to discuss the financial straits even in communication with friends.

#3. Growth

In the list of men's advantages growth of the man occupies one of the very first positions. It is considered that the man has to be rather tall is an indicator of its status among similar. In the world there are many men of average height who wish to be extended on two-three of centimeters. Some resort to various tricks – like high heels. But carefully hide the fears about small growth. Why? To be afraid to inspire to itself pity or to undergo sneers. Quite often men of low growth buy to themselves the car of the solid sizes.

#4. Fear of rivalry

The jealousy from the man can be evident not so as female jealousy. But the fear to be the loser causes considerable damage to the men's advantage and pride. Sometimes the reason of similar fears is in the feeling of own inferiority which is tired out inside and a low self-assessment. Whether it is possible to dispel fear of rivalry for female attention? Quite. For this purpose it is required to have with the man a heart-to-heart talk, having convinced that nobody threatens his happiness.

#5. Lack of experience in communication with a female

Every day from TV screens some superhero capable to win any female heart looks at the man. At such macho on two-three girlfriends and the long list of love victories. Some men believe that the lack of similar achievements will not allow them to be considered as the real man. Estimating the experience, such man comes to conclusion that he will hardly be able to hold near himself the woman who was pleasant to it. Comparison of to glossy Hollywood images is capable to generate the strong and carefully hidden fear of possible failure in the relations. Always it is necessary to appear risk not at height, to pass for less skilled and not too skillful lover.

#6. Hairstyle

Eternal problem of male appearance – vegetation on the head and a body. Hair often grow much where they should not be, but are absent as decoration of appearance. The man with frontal high temples can is disturbing to think: Whether "I look rather courageously?  Whether will exchange me for brutal handsome with a magnificent and well-groomed head of hear?". The lack of violent vegetation on the head can become the reason of secret sufferings. Not all women know that men are inclined to pay to a hairstyle not smaller attention, than to existence of stylish accessories or the fashionable clothes raising the social status.

#7. Diet

If the woman is on a diet, questions usually do not arise. More likely, it can cause sympathy or even compassion. But once the man mentions that he watches the food and adheres to a special diet – he immediately sees suspicious grins. But whether he is sick? Whether all at it as it should be with health?

The fear to seem ridiculous quite often forces the man to hide restrictions which are imposed on his life by the diet used by it. Not everyone recognizes that he seeks to be brought up and healthy to the detriment of reputation of "real man" who in liters absorbs beer, having a snack on its tasty hamburgers.

#8. Relations

One more fear which quite often pursues men is connected with the relations. Even if now they develop ideally, there is always an opportunity to lose the beloved and to lose arrangement from her party. Or simply to be rejected. The woman can discuss such fears with the girlfriends. And here the man will prefer to keep similar fears in himself, accumulating negative experiences – is frequent without the slightest on that the bases.

#9. "Past ghosts"

"Did you to me have many guys?". Even if such question is also not be sounded, he quite often sits in the head of the man, corroding it is similar to rust. Omnipotent "ghosts of the past" with which the person begins himself consciously go into action or to compare unconsciously. Also does not matter that all former relations for his darling are already complete. The similar hidden fears are capable to destroy the most harmonious union.

#10. Fear of expression of the emotions

Unless the real man can afford openly and naturally express the feelings overflowing him? In the European culture it is considered to be that the man should be reserved and to avoid excessive emotionality. The fear to seem womanly forces representatives of a strong half of mankind to control manifestations of the feelings. To begin to cry for such man – nearly crime. Since the childhood inspire in it that he has to cope with difficulties and vicissitudes of life being silent. To cross through this establishment happens very terribly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team