10 mistakes when seducing women

10 mistakes when seducing women

Men have one most serious weakness - it is women. Sometimes rather unattractive men enjoy wide popularity at women, others, on the contrary, clever, beautiful, pleasant, but for some reason in private life nothing develops. There are some mistakes which are very often made by men when seducing women.


1. To indulge it in everything. The most effective way not to achieve attention of the woman is to try to please and do in everything everything as she asks. Such men are called henpeckeds or rags. Women very much like to use them in the purposes, but at the same time will respect never. You should not confuse henpeckeds and gentlemen. The gentleman always looks after the woman: offers a hand at an exit from transport, moves a chair at restaurant, helps to put on a coat is a normal manifestation of gallantry, care. A difference only that in the first case the man is eager to receive from the woman something in exchange therefore he is ready to please it if only to be pleasant; and it is simply pleasant to man to help with the second case to the woman, but at the same time he does not wait for anything in exchange.

2. To turn an appointment into interrogation. Many men believe that the more questions they ask the woman, the it will be more pleasant to her. Women love dialogues, but not when you pass from one question to another. The ideal scenario of communication with the woman is when you are attentive to the interlocutor, are interested in her life, but at the same time you communicate on subjects which concern both of you.

3. Uncertainty. To the woman business here at all not in muscles is comfortable only near strong men, and. They are attracted only by leading male who have the opinion and the rules. They love men who know what is wanted and are able to achieve goals. Silly the man who constantly asks the woman whether she agrees with him looks. It is even worse if the man does not know what he wants, and at each decision-making he needs approval or support. All the time is unpleasant to stuff to the woman the head with questions, to think of where it will go to next weekends and that it will do. By it will feel easier and more pleasantly near himself the man who is ready to take the responsibility for the organization of the general leisure. If any proposal of the man is unacceptable for the woman, then she independently will tell about it. Therefore it is extremely important to men to understand that not the woman has to think how they will spend days off, and the man.

4. To try to buy attention gifts. Very often the man tries to cajole the woman gifts. Gifts have to be sincere and heartily, absolutely gratuitous, it is not necessary to demand anything in exchange.

5. Too early to tell about the feelings. It is impossible to tell at an early stage of communication about the feelings.

6. Not to understand a difference between you. Man and woman very different. A difference and in understanding of meaning of our life, both in words, and in behavior. It is impossible to convince the girl that you are pleasant to her: if she does not feel inclination to you, then all your attempts are simply useless. In life many men of it do not understand.

7. To think that women are attracted only by money and handsome guys. The woman looks for the elect by certain criteria and qualities. Both money, and external data enter these criteria not always or are not on the first places. If you have no outstanding appearance, it is impossible to put an end to itself at all and to think that to you never to achieve the beautiful woman. The real reasons of success are not your money, but your personality and inner world and also emotions which you are capable to give.

8. It is unnatural to behave. The nature allocated the woman with a keen intuition therefore she hears a voice timbre, intonation better, than the man. Therefore woman often know what you want from her. Very often happens so that the man on an appointment very much wants to kiss the woman, and she already knows about it. Therefore it is impossible to behave unnaturally at all.

9. To do it special. Many men rush to a whirlpool with the head, at the same time become subdued by the woman. They constantly think of the beloved, write sms, call. Such men fall in the opinion of the woman, and she feels that he is completely obedient therefore it becomes boring for it.

10. To stop courtings as soon as achieved it. As soon as the man was pleasant to the girl, he can stop courtings. It is impossible to do it at all, the woman loves that tried to obtain her always.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team