10 mistakes which are made by the woman in the relations with the man

10 mistakes which are made by the woman in the relations with the man

The majority of the relations develop according to the standard scenario when idyll of the period of courting is replaced by mutual reproaches and offenses in joint life. It is important to understand that these problems do not appear from air. Their people create own acts or words. In particular the woman, trying on the standards of behavior on the partner, inevitably spoils with it the relations about what understands, sometimes, too late.

Some ladies do not respect personal borders of the elects at all. Hardly the relations take a serious turn, they begin to think that they have the right to call the man hundred times in the course of the day, to throw with messages, to demand the report on each step. Naturally, most of men do not favor similar persistence. Yes, during courtings of the man are ready to communicate slightly more actively, wishing to win the girl, but at the next stage of the relations the personal space is important for them. Therefore it is important not to go too far in manifestation of feelings, leaving to the partner an opportunity to get bored in separation and to focus on another matters.

In the persistence the women are capable to reach that are ready to fill with the presence all spheres of life of the beloved. They start walking behind it literally on heels, including accompany it on a sit-round gathering in the men's company or are quite often ready to come to the elect for work, even without having warned. Such girls actively improve the relations with the guy's mother, place dozens of joint photos in social networks as if you want to declare the rights for this man publicly. But he, as a rule, does not agree to the part of personal property of the woman assigned to it at all.

Sense of humour – it is good, but the female sarcasm is capable to kill in the man any desire something to make for the darling. Therefore it is better to avoid mean jokes and comments, reacting to acts or the words of the partner.

Realizing that chances to meet the ideal man are very insignificant, women try to create the prince the hands. Almost any man arranging at least by some basic criteria will be suitable for these purposes. However, having been fond of process of eradication of others shortcomings and inoculations of new useful skills, the lady does not notice how her elect turns in absolutely not that person whom she would like to see. At the same time it can lose even those few merits that were initially.

Wishing to show how much she knows and is able, the woman, sometimes, is fond of independence in the relations. The man, watching from outside its feats, gradually relaxes. And then, having played enough in a role of the amazon, the woman begins to be angry with his inert behavior, without understanding that she spoiled the partner.

The man and insight – concepts incompatible. These are women are capable to understand each other through hints or unobvious details of behavior. And it is important to stronger sex to sound the desires, expectations, requirements most well and clear. Otherwise waiting, when he will guess something, it is necessary to experience a set of disappointments.

This mistake is clearly demonstrated by a joke about the woman to whom the man helped to inform of a heavy bag, and she already thought up names to their future children. Ladies, sometimes, do not notice how they force events, expecting from the partner of serious steps and intentions literally after several appointments. What to do if desire to marry and make family at some girls appears at early age. But men argue in a different way, and any pressure usually puts to flight them. Therefore it is better to enjoy present, than to look for the one who will give immediate guarantees for the future.

It is difficult to men to understand women because they are not able to state shortly and on business. If the woman was let in explanations, she will in passing mention a set of other things which are not relating to a key part of the problem. Her partner, most likely, in five minutes will lose thread of a conversation or in general will cease to listen. As a result the woman takes offense at indifference, the man is irritated because of not constructive communication. Therefore brevity, clearness, informational content – the best assistants to ladies on the way to mutual understanding with the stronger sex.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to be in high spirits eternally, and all have moments of grief or irritation. But women, sometimes, hoping for the same male insight, show the discontent silently. And in case the partner notices something and asks, not always tell the truth. But then, having flared up on some nonsense, take offense or make a quarrel. From the men's party such ladies look as ordinary hysterical women. However the problem actually is solved easily if at once and openly to tell the partner about bad mood. Then he at least will try to behave more tactfully and more attentively.

Perhaps, the most axiomatic mistake of the woman is made when relax in marriage, having hardly caught the man. And instead of the sexy nymph in lace lingerie the man receives the shrew in an old dressing gown soon. Alas, the stamp in the passport does not mean at all how women think that they will be loved even in the most unattractive look now. To continue to surprise, admire and seduce the man – here only a right way after a marriage.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team