10 most important qualities which women look for in the partner

10 most important qualities which women look for in the partner

To find the person – a difficult task. And sometimes it seems that the pool of acquaintances is filled by too large number of "frogs", and is not hereis not here that and is not present. So, what is looked for by women in men?

Be not upset next time when you reject someone because there is no "chemistry" just. Initially women reach for men on the basis of inclination. We think about ourselves whether we can carry on a conversation with this person? Whether I feel energy inflow when I talk to this person? It qualities which help to establish the base, to create deeper communication and the relations with this person.

It is difficult to construct the relations with the one who is closed. The person who is open has countercultural readiness to recede from position of the power in which people are brought up to feel comfortable. That partnership occurred, the man has to be ready to be open, and he has to open the heart that it occurred. Also be careful, ladies: it concerns also you too.

It is the big book because it consists of three parts. Stability means emotionally, economically, and also rather stable life. If you are not familiar with the third part, we will prompt to you that it means. Relative stability means that you can count on it to be open, reliable and that it in essence that on whom you could rely if you owned the house together or had with it the child.

If you ever felt bad in the relations, it can be because your partner did not treat to you as equal. The cultural discrepancy between equality which existed throughout the millennia when women were unequal to men in every respect socially, economically, politically and sexually, changes. Now women want them to be considered equal to men, but did not compete with men for domination.

It is normal - to want to influence (but not to change) the partner. Actually the relations are more successful when men dare to influence the partner. Most of women already do it according to researches, but it not the same for men. To be open for influence means that the man shows awareness on emotions and needs of the partner and reacts to them.

It means that someone remains concentrated on speaking instead of looking at the mobile phone or other distracting factors, but it has to occurs in both directions. The woman has to be present emotionally during the conversation of the darling, and she has to expect that he will make the same in reply. But presence also includes responsiveness. That is, when someone writes or calls the partner, other person has to answer as soon as possible, or let them know that he is busy before is able to answer.

It is important that you felt that your partner is interested in you. Instead of condemning the person for his acts and what he does show to him interest. It is interesting why they so put on or why they so behave.

Women want to be with that with whom they always feel safe. They want to tell: "with you I feel safe. I do not need to justify myself. I know that when I am near you, I will be as it should be".

If your man tries to change you, then he is not that person who is necessary to you. Women have to look for the man who does not estimate them and constantly tries to update or improve them.

You do not need the one who does not ask that he wants. It is one of the most important things which allows the relations to prosper well. And so many men cannot make it. They do not feel that they can ask about something therefore they do not speak to the woman whom they meet that they need to do massage of a back or legs from time to time. Healthy couples speak each other that it is necessary for them and what actions force them to feel the most favourite and careful.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team