10 phrases which men hate

10 phrases which men hate

In a conversation with the woman's men sometimes use phrases which seem to them quite harmless. But sometimes words will strongly wound and inappropriate, offensive remarks can lead to a rift in relations.

Many women rush phrases which do not seem to them offensive and offensive. They sincerely are surprised why darling apprehended remarks in bayonets again. Psychotherapists allocated several phrases which strongly irritate and offend men. If there is desire to keep the relations, it is better to refuse such words. 

""All right, I will make everything""

Men very much appreciate respect and recognition of their merits. ""All right, I will make all itself"" from lips of darling sounds as if the woman doubts that he is capable to finish business, to achieve desirable result. It is not necessary to speak to the man of these words. It is better to give him the chance to make something independently, and then to praise. It will flatter his vanity, will force to be proud of itself and that which is nearby. 

If business very important, it is possible to have with the elect a heart-to-heart talk and to think up some pretext that he did not take offense. For example, one may say, that at it and there is a lot of work, and the woman will be pleasant to it to be helped with something and to be useful. 

""Could guess...""

""Could guess..."" - the phrase capable to force the man to become puzzled. It sounds as reproach, but at the same time the elect is lost, cannot understand what from it is wanted. Men badly read between lines and do not speculate therefore it is better for it to speak about all wishes directly. 

""It is better just flowers or a card presented""

The situation when he gives to darling a gift is very unpleasant for any man, but hears in reply: ""It is better just flowers or a card presented"". Never and under no circumstances it is impossible to abuse the elect for his choice. It is necessary to thank even if the thing was not pleasant. Otherwise, after a while it in general will cease to do surprises. 

""My being never so would make""

Comparisons with the former beloved cannot be allowed in the relations. It can force the man to have complex, be jealous. If the woman does not want to remain alone, she should not say that former in something was better and would not make mistakes, oversights which often happen at the present beloved. 

""Be a man!""

Strongly irritates men if say to them: ""Be a man!"". In this phrase the reproach in ""not absolutely male behavior"" is obviously traced. The woman should avoid such addresses to darling if there is desire to preserve the peace in the relations. 

""Clean up, I am not your mummy""

If it is not pleasant to the woman that darling scatters the things, it is not necessary to speak to him: ""Clean up, I am not your mummy"". It is better to find thinner way to interest it to put things back or to remove plates in a sink, to wash the dishes. Saying that it still needs the mother, it is possible to remind unconsciously how it was good to it with her.

""What tummy at you""

Men take changes in appearance very painfully. The grown tummy, excess weight already bring discomfort, but it is even more unpleasant if the girlfriend speaks about it. It is better to avoid such phrases even if they are comic. 

""Again you leave to friends?""

Very much it is not pleasant to men when their freedom is tried to be limited. Strongly irritates them if darling says: ""Again you leave to friends?"". In this phrase the reproach and desire to control everything that occurs in life of darling are distinctly traced.  The meeting with friends is the outlet allowing to communicate as equals, to exchange views. You should not perceive them in bayonets. If does not arrange that darling pays to friends much attention, it is possible to tell about it very softly, without reproach. 

""We need to talk seriously""

""We need to talk seriously"" - the woman tells the elect if she wants to understand any situation, to solve a problem. Such message frightens many men. They are adjusted in advance on the fact that the conversation will not be simple, they should justify himself, be protected. It is not necessary to tell such words to the man. It is better to adjust him on the necessary harmony, having told approximately following: ""You have a free minute? Perhaps we will communicate?"". 

""It is never impossible to you""

Men take reproaches in their insolvency very painfully. Especially strongly irritates them and will wound when the woman says that ""ever nothing is impossible to it" ", " "as always, everything is made badly"". It is capable to kill an initiative, to force the person to have complex. Such phrases destroy the relations and quite often become the dissonance reason in couple. If the man respects himself, he will not suffer continuous reproaches. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team