10 signs of not well-groomed woman

10 signs of not well-groomed woman

The well-groomed appearance emphasizes female beauty much more effectively, than a successful make-up, fashionable accessories or stylish clothes. To the contrary, if the girl looks so as if pays to himself attention a little, she at once loses points in the opinion of people around. Fortunately, to correct the shortcomings speaking about negligence absolutely simply, but your image will always look complete and faultless.

As people at communication pay the attention, first of all, to the face of the interlocutor, make-up shortcomings are always evident. It is clear, that not all specific features of skin give in to adjustment even the most quality cosmetics, but elimination of traces of an inaccurate make-up will not take a lot of time. The greasy luster, the showered ink, the begun to flow shadows, a pencil or lipstick – all these details work for creation of an image of not well-groomed woman. It is possible to avoid a similar miss, having resorted to the help of the matting napkins, primers and the other cosmetics designed to prolong the term of life of your make-up.

Unfortunately, even skillfully executed make-up is not capable to hide problem skin completely. Certainly, shortcomings of physiological character not so easily give in to correction, but modern methods of treatment, diagnostics, leaving allow to reduce significantly such unpleasant manifestations as pimples, rashes, black dots. Besides, experts advise to approach a situation in a complex therefore it is worth paying attention to food and to pass researches on identification of internal problems with health.

Teeth, especially in a smile zone, always are in sight of the interlocutor therefore their beauty and health at the subconscious level create an image of the successful, well-groomed person. Such obvious councils as maintenance of health of teeth and careful care for them, do not even need explanations. Fortunately, the modern stomatology allows to correct the majority of shortcomings. In civilized countries, for example, bleaching of teeth turned into an important element of personal care long ago. Especially as every year there are all the new, safer and sparing methods of achievement of a snow-white smile.

Among obligatory means which have to be in a make-up bag of each girl lip balm is included, perhaps, into top three. Usual lipstick is only capable to disguise a problem, but for full leaving and moistening it is important to use special means. Besides, it is regularly important to peel dead cells on lips. It allows lipstick to lay down more exactly and longer to remain on the place.

Dry weather-beaten hands and face skin add to the woman of age at once not to mention that look extremely neukhozhenno. Alas, the severe domestic climate does not forgive neglects in questions of moistening of integuments. It is possible to deal with this problem only by means of regular leaving.

The fashion for wide eyebrows saved women from frequent plucking out of excess hairs. But after all absolutely you should not refuse these manipulations. Even the wide line of eyebrows has to look accurately and exactly, and natural "thickets" will only add points to a moneybox of your negligence. Therefore regular use of tweezers will save you from an exit of this problem to the forefront.

To understand problem scale, it is enough to remember jokes about blondes who paint roots of hair in other color. Certainly, this shortcoming is most noticeable when the color chosen by you cardinally differs from a natural shade of your curls. Neukhozhenno also those women who do not manage to paint over a gray hair look. Fortunately, not so long ago for the aid to them began to produce various sprays allowing to zatonirovat roots for only a few seconds. And all the rest only regular coloring will allow to eliminate this defect. After all, considerably changing hair color, it is necessary to be ready to additional difficulties. Especially, it is always possible to return to a natural shade.

Continuing a subject of an ukhozhennost of hair, it should be notedit should be noted their healthy and beautiful appearance. If it is not so simple to achieve gloss or density, then it is easy to solve a problem of split ends, regularly visiting the hairdresser. Perhaps, you dream to grow long hair, but the treasured purpose does not cost to neglect them an accurate look.

It would seem, the absence on nails of varnish is more noticeable, than not well-groomed cuticle. But it seems so only at first sight. Actually hangnails and excess skin around a nail plate are capable to give to hands extremely inaccurate look. Therefore care for a cuticle has to become an obligatory element of each manicure. If regularly to pay attention to this problem, it will not be aggravated and a lot of time for the elimination will not demand.

Perhaps, one of the main signs of negligence – oblezshy varnish. Especially woefully looks if it also a saturated shade (burgundy, black). This element is capable to spoil even the thought most over and smart image. If there is no time for new manicure at all, just it is better to leave nails not made up. So it is easier to spend several minutes before an exit from the house to wash away the peeled-off varnish, than then bashfully to hide hands from people around.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team