10 signs on which it is possible to distinguish the real man

10 signs on which it is possible to distinguish the real man

Each woman dreams to meet that only which is capable to make her happy. But not all men are noble and persons interested to give to the beloved love and caress.

According to psychologists, there are 10 main signs which look for women in potential partners.

1. Force and mind. The man has to be clever. When the man clever, he is able to estimate needs of the woman and also to give advice. Force has to be both moral, and physical. Will in decision-making and responsibility for the acts have to be on the very first place. Male power, any excess emotions and fear also consists in it.

2. Commitment. Purposeful men were pleasant to a female at all times. Such men do not kill time in a pursuit of mirages, do everything only in essence. They set to themselves the purpose to earn money, to start a strong family, to climb a career ladder, to make some discovery. These are the key purposes in the strong man.

3. Attention to family values. The real man will always understand a role of the woman and children. He will not begin to evade from education of the child, he understands that in family there has to be a collective, the unity is also very important.

4. Any excess talk and gossips. The man does not gossip about any things, especially about about what he has no information. Is able to keep others secrets.

5. The word of the man has to be stronger than a stone. If the man pledges any word, then its observance has to be guaranteed. If the man is not able to hold the promises, then their non-performance can become a usual thing. Men will shortly cease to be on friendly terms with such person, and not one woman will not want to start with him a family any more.

6. Any weaknesses. The man has to be a standard for imitation. The woman always looks for that of whom it is possible to follow an example. It is possible to follow an example only of strong people. Such man will become for the children an excellent example.

7. Hope for. For the real man to take money from others is not an exit. He will achieve the objective only by own efforts. Such men who can mobilize in themselves all best achieve good results in career or business.

 8. Appearance. Women are auditory not only, but also eyes. The man always has to look tidily, purely and beautifully.

9. Purity and order. Though the woman brings order to the house itself more often, she very much appreciates aspiration of the man to purity and accuracy. If she comes on a visit to the man, and he scattered clothes, dirty socks, everywhere garbage roll, hardly the woman will think that the real man had it on a visit. Another matter when in the house it is clean and accurate.

10. Fight. The real man, according to the weaker sex, has to be always ready to opposition. The ability to fight at work, to assert the rights, interests, ability to fight back the offender is an advantage of the real man.

Certainly, there will it is unlikely be such man who combines all 10 qualities. However quite really seeks to meet such man who has at least a half of them and to the others.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team