10 signs that the man is really in love

10 signs that the man is really in love

To guess what the man, very not easy thinks of. However having fallen in love, the gentleman temporarily puts from himself armor and proves to be from unexpected sides. To distinguish a romantic spirit of the vis-a-vis, it is enough to know about 10 signs of male love. Having armed with these data, you will feel more freely on the love battlefield.

Attention and once again attention

The guy in love by all available methods will try to show the favor to you.

Tactile contactNatural desire of any man subdued by the lady – to touch an object of the adoration. Stroking of a hand during the conversation, the aspiration to touch accidentally hair or a cheek - these moments give tender feelings which he has for you. Men are not ready to waste the caress to those who are uninteresting to them. One more manifestation of love of the stronger sex – the aspiration to preserve. If the gentleman is always ready to offer a hand on a ladder or at an exit from the car, it means wishes to be necessary and useful to you.

Attention to trifles

To listen to everything that is told by the woman and to remember the slightest details from her tirades, the man who was only sincerely fallen in love with her is capable. At this time he especially stares at the lady, trying to try to catch each her eye and the movement. Such man will not lose sight of your requests or insignificant wishes. He will remember names of your favourite dishes, movies and all that is valuable to you.


Pleasant words disarm any woman, raise her self-assessment and mood. To the man it is important that his muse felt excellently therefore he tries to give as much as possible compliments in her address. Here it is possible to refer use of pet names or words.

Desire always to be near

If the man has no opportunity to spend day from the beloved, he will try to hold with it contact by phone or by means of messengers. Also he will look for occasions just to have a talk with you.

The whole world to your legs

The man who was fallen in love completely not only will try to show the interest in you. It is important to it to interest the darling in the person. To present the strengths, men are ready to spend both time, and money.

Demonstration of sense of humourTo make laugh the woman – a good way to subdue her. To the man in love a sin not to use it. Laughter weakens and disposes to the interlocutor, and still he allows the woman to show a charming smile once again. The man who feels love wants to see more often the lady cheerful.

Organization of joint leisure

If the man thinks over the plan of meetings in advance, allocates for them time, he means has strong feelings. At all this the man is guided not just by the preferences, and is interested in opinion of the ladylove. At the man in love the comfort of its half is on the first place.

Small and large pleasuresTo make you happy every second, every instant – a priority for the man in love. Any material and non-material actions, but by all means touching, are capable to open its attitude towards you really. The main thing that they did not contradict your preferences.

Keep to the point

Than strong feelings, that stronger the man wants to bring closer you to himself. Different ways are used.

Stories about

Men do not like to tell and tell about themselves much. If the gentleman wants you to know about him everything and slightly more, means you already in a circle of his trust. When the man shares children's memories, important and even amusing moments of the life, he opens doors to the world. Open them not for all, and for the elite, for those to whom soul lies.

Acquaintance to close friends and relativesIf the man decided to present you to the friends and relatives, can sleep peacefully as he precisely not exactly to you breathes. Pride and confidence of the choice, desire to show to the whole world the reason of the happiness – signs of the man who is in love outright. Do you think, it would disturb old friends and the dearest relatives concerning a meeting with just familiar? Hardly.

Joint plans for the future

Campaigns on cultural actions, travel, sports activities – if in this wish-sheet also you appear, then from its party it was not without love here. The man who wants to see you not only here and now but also in the near future, obviously shows the interest you. He wants to divide the pleasant moments of the life with the congenial person.

These signs of love are not obligatory, but are characteristic of males. Whatever love signs, the main thing what prompts you heart were.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team