10 things which are done only by women in love

10 things which are done only by women in love

The love is evil. If the woman is in love, she does for the man such things which seemed to it absolutely unclear, uninteresting and abnormal earlier. And – with pleasure! Life hack for men. On these acts it is possible to understand that the woman really is in love with you. Look. Be verified.

Mother of darling consciously or subconsciously woman (and any: both grown wise experience the matron, and the young maiden) perceives as the potential mother-in-law. To please her – a call. And already the adherent of ZOZh bakes meat pies, cooks borsches "as at mother", does damp cleaning without harmful detergents … Even agrees with this the woman, foreign for himself in everything (perhaps, gritting the teeth). Generally, in every way tries to advise an image of the girl who can be brought to the house.

With the father and other relatives, of course, it is more difficult. But the general tactics – to be modest, obedient, to prove to be as much as possible thrifty and loving – in most cases works well with all.

And the man thinks: "Perhaps it really That? Perhaps to marry?"

On the contrary – is proud. When the young man for the 100-th time tells the same unhumorous joke (especially – in the company), sincerely laughs loudly. If that carries "straps" as at Shurik in "Delusion", and it at the same time in an evening dress, is proud walks arm-in-arm with it. The maximum unostentatiously tries to attract the owner of a beer paunch to a healthy lifestyle, but does not even think harshly to criticize. With the girlfriend in love any gentleman will feel the best, clever, resourceful, beautiful and desired.

It is good that the female brain can think of different things at the same time. For example, what to prepare for dinner, where to go for the next year to a holiday that Lyuska from the next department as strongly recovered … What should he take into account also the story by the man about last day?! And not only to accept, and if it is necessary, to give a practical advice?! For female "operating system", especially OP of the woman in love, is loading not so big.

In every way does not assume that the elect was angry on it (because there are such stupid ladies who provoke nearly manhandling in the party). Translates a conversation or takes away from unpleasant situations when strangers can become an object of anger. Does not send the MCh "beat muzzles to hooligans" in the dark lane (though, of course, it does not mean that the girl does not need to be protected in case of real danger).

Only praises it! And if ask. Knows that about happiness it is better to be silent. And this here: "And my such villain, flowers does not give, after sex turns away to a wall and in marriage does not call", etc. things keeps around. If something is not pleasant, will discuss personally with the man, will ask council mother, will anonymously create a subject at a forum or will go to the psychologist.

Including – with frank nonsense like "All fools, one I good". "Yes, darling, you – the best", – the answer of the wise woman in love. Perhaps, she inside also does not agree, maybe, itself in the described situation would make differently … To direct softly is an art. At first it is always better to agree that the man is right.

In life anything happens. Lovers sometimes quarrel. To be reconciled quickly, quite often – the first, not to harbor malice and not to revenge – very strong indication of the woman in love. Was – yes, but passed. Now everything will be good. Agree, with such installations it is much simpler and more pleasant to live.

Watches that that ate properly (and for this purpose quite often it is necessary to prepare most), was not fond of alcohol (does not pull out, of course, a glass from hands – it is stupid, but tries not to provoke), put on on weather and in general – did not risk health. Sometimes, however, the woman in love "goes too far" and risks to turn into the loving mummy. But … we will forgive her it if it not purposely. It improves, if something is wrong, too quickly.

It does not mean that the city girl is obliged to go hiking daily somewhere to mountains and to be alloyed on kayaks, for months to live at a fire in chamber and to sing to the guitar if the such tourist got to it. It is not necessary to become specially the vegetarian or to jump with a parachute. But at least not to forbid darling fishing, not to turn up the nose at his friends (though thrill-seekers though philatelists though vegans) – quite in the spirit of the woman in love.

Perhaps, main property of the woman in love. All signs which we listed above (not to argue, always to support, care, etc.), – appear automatically, but do not give an inconvenience. The woman does not rape herself when she arrives to please to the elect, his friends and mother. Then there are much more chances that love will not pass over time. And that the man in the same way will be in love long and strong.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team