10 things which cannot be done to women in Saudi Arabia

10 things which cannot be done to women in Saudi Arabia

The achievements in the field of sexual equality which were taking place in the recent past, unfortunately, did not gain universal recognition. Still there are countries where patriarchal foundations and centuries-old traditions limit women literally in all spheres of life. One of such radical states – Saudi Arabia.

To independently make decisions

In Saudi Arabia the woman cannot dispose of the life or independently make decisions. For it it is done by the male trustee from among close relatives – the father, the brother or the husband. For example, practice of compulsory delivery is in marriage widely known, but restriction in the rights concerns even the most harmless things – formations, treatments, works, movements over the country or beyond its limits. The trustee is the center of the Universe for the woman from Saudi Arabia, her lord and the master. Through it there is an interaction to the outside world, and communication with other men, even accidental, is under the most strict ban.

To contact to men

All everyday life and infrastructure of Saudi Arabia is organized so that completely to isolate the woman from interaction with other men, except the trustee or close relatives. At schools the training of boys and girls is conducted separately, and children of a different floor not only are placed in different buildings, but also accurately differentiated on time of lessons. Therefore they cannot be engaged at the same time: the hours are allotted to each floor.

From series and movies many know that in houses there is a division women's and the male half of a living space. This principle of the power of Saudi Arabia is tried to be moved to the main public places: transport, shopping centers, beaches, restaurants. Even celebrations divide by gender therefore men and women celebrate always separately. It is strictly forbidden to violate these norms. If the woman is convicted of attempt of contact with the unfamiliar man, its act will be regarded as crime for which the most severe punishment threatens.

To show open parts of a body

Visit by the woman of public places perhaps only in strictly certain look when under clothes everything is hidden, except brushes, feet and partially the person. Concerning degree of openness of persons of restriction differ. In more secular parts of the country it is admissible to show a face form whereas in provinces leave only cuts for eyes. And some representatives of radical Moslem insist that women in addition hid even a look as it is capable to excite male imagination too.

To dishonor behavior of the trustee

Perhaps, there is no offense for the female resident of Saudi Arabia more terribly, than to cast a shadow on reputation of the trustee. If the woman violates accepted standards of behavior, then the man who operates her life will be inevitably dishonored. In that case he badly controlled the ward, than promoted "free" behavior.

For such actions of women waits for severe punishment, and at times, even death. Most often, offenses are connected with communication with other men: correspondence on social network, a casual conversation on the street and other similar things. In the nature of things, when relatives arrange punishment over the woman convicted of unseemly behavior.

To marry at the choice

The most known ban which is still strong even in the progressive Muslim countries, - independently to make the decision on a marriage. The contract on marriage is kept without participation of the bride. The father or the close relative himself defines at what age she should be given in marriage. Sometimes, these figures are threateningly small – from 9 to 16 years. Also practice of a marriage before puberty prospers.

Early marriages affect women negatively. They lose an opportunity to study or work. Female residents of Saudi Arabia and in polygamy of the husbands are powerless. They need only to reconcile if the spouse wishes to bring four wives as it is officially authorized the law.

To apply for mitigation of punishment

Standards of behavior of female residents of Saudi Arabia are watched closely by religious police. Even can accuse the victim of rape, having suspected it of any given form of provocation of the tyrant. Arrest and imprisonment can follow because of contact with the man or inadmissible clothes. And here the woman should not wait for mitigation of punishment though for male prisoners various instruments of amnesty – pardon by holidays or learning by heart of the Quran are provided.

Even, when the term of punishment expired, can leave prison concluded only with the permission of the trustee. In turn, it has the right to insist on extension of term or to refuse the rights for the woman. In that case convicts are forced to remain in prison.

To drive the car

Muslims have no right to take the wheel, in Saudi Arabia they will not be given simply the right. It is forbidden to leave the house without the trustee to women, and independent trips by car especially are inadmissible. The Islamic religion ranks such behavior as the category of sins.

However, this ban which was furiously challenged the last years was cancelled in September, 2017 by the decree of the king of Saudi Arabia, and in June, 2018 – took legal effect.

To work voluntarily

To all female residents of Saudi Arabia since the early childhood the thought takes root that their main destination – a role of the wife and mother. Therefore in the country there are not enough women who got a full education and capable to work for the benefit of society. And the list of the resolved professions is extremely limited: the teacher, the nurse, the expert in the field of finance. Work is admissible in those spheres where it is possible to avoid contacts with men. The trustee agrees to employment of the woman.

To come to sporting events

The involvement of women into sports life for many years remained extremely low. For example, exclusively men's teams participated in the Olympic Games from Saudi Arabia till 2008. In 2012 to games in London for the first time there arrived female sportswomen.

In recent years the situation slowly changes: there were physical education classes for girls, female fitness studios. To female residents of Saudi Arabia even allowed to ride bikes in specially allotted places. Of course, provided that they closed all body and there is a men's maintenance. However visit of sporting events is still inadmissible.

To go by public transport

Access to public transport for women is limited by special cars in trains and the project of creation of special female buses. For movement of the female resident of Saudi Arabia are forced to use services of frequent carriers that creates threat of undesirable contacts with men. The organization of female cars to the subway and permission to driving of the car helped to remove stress in this question.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team