10 things which modern children will not understand any more

10 things which modern children will not understand any more

For the last decades the world developed so promptly that many realities consigned to the past. That is why there are many things which will be unclear to modern children.

Film cartridges

If vinyl records are still issued and are in certain demand for music lovers collectors, then videos and audio cassettes consigned to the past long ago. Too fragile and unreliable was this carrier: the film in cartridges was quite often confused, torn, scratched therefore valuable records on it were very easily damaged. Besides, modern children will already hardly see communication between a pencil and the compact cartridge, and it was quite so possible to rewind a film in it. 

Doubtful flavoring addictions

Tar which could be chewed. Kissel in briquettes and powder juice which was eaten in a dry form. Burned sugar in a spoon. These and dozens of other "goodies" will hardly understand and especially modern children will not estimate. Fortunately, in similar delicacies there is no need any presently, however some 30 years ago the children with pleasure used similar.

Glass glasses in automatic machines with drinks

Automatic machines with sparkling water exist to this day. However after purchase, sweet drink is given in a plastic cup at once. Far back in the past sparkling water spread in glass glasses which after use needed to be rinsed in the same automatic machine and to put into place. Then this scheme perfectly worked, but today it seems inconceivable, first of all, for hygiene reasons. 

Health disk

The rotating metal disk was almost in each family earlier. On it it was necessary to rise legs and to move hips: so the slender waist was allegedly reached. Today any trainer will tell how harmful and useless was the similar device. And this subject will cause bewilderment in the modern child. 

Inserts from chewing gum

In the late eighties, when on shelves of shops hundreds of goods from abroad rushed, inserts from chewing gum were real children's "currency". Import chewing gum cost rather much, to buy it was difficult therefore treasured pictures from Turbo, TipiTip, Donald Duck were huge value. They were collected, them changed, and sometimes and bought each other. Today only single brands (for example, Love is) support a subject of inserts in chewing gum, and in most cases this piece of paper with the lovely picture goes to a ballot box together with a wrapper. 

Purchase of jeans as dream.

Jeans are many years one of the most popular and ordinary objects of clothes, and the quantity of styles and models from a denim in the modern market is huge. It is unlikely any of children feels awe upon purchase of this thing. Those who were born in the 80th for certain remember how it was difficult to buy jeans and how desired they were. Did not do also without difficult manipulations. The fashion of the past dictated the laws: "acid washed jeans" were on trend. But as to get ready model in this style, it was difficult, jeans boiled down in house conditions on special technology.

Big washing

Those who complain of life presently just did not live during the Soviet era. It is difficult to modern children to present what large-scale process was a usual washing. Washing machines of that period performed a minimum of functions and were not at all. Therefore washing took the whole day the hostess. At first linen had to be presoaked, then to erase manually with use of a board, in particularly complex cases - to boil in a big pan. For push-up of the largest things the male power, as a rule, was attracted. 

Little Octobrists, pioneers, Komsomol members.

Key realities of the Soviet childhood to children are completely unclear presently. Many of them know about this phenomenon, but are hardly capable to estimate all its importance. Groups, teams, ties, asterisks, pennants, chants are and many other things were in an absolute priority, occupying a huge part of school life. Can remember with heat the Soviet childhood only those who in volume the period was happy. Hardly will cause awe of reminiscence of the pioneer childhood in the others. 

Animated films according to the schedule

Any children's video content can be received in unlimited number now. Animated films, cinema, video blogs, transfers - all this is available thanks to the Internet at any time. That is why it is so difficult to modern children to understand the fact that earlier similar entertainments could be received extremely seldom and in certain time. At the time of an exit of a broadcast "Good Night, Kids!", all children calmed down at screens. And when on TV began to show the first Disney's animated films, streets became empty: to pass the next series was the present tragedy.

"Honest" automatic machines in transport.

To pass a hare in public transport today it is almost unreal: everywhere there is either an electronic control system, or the conductor. Many years ago mechanical self-service terminals were one of the most popular payment methods of journey. It was necessary to throw a coin into it (without delivery) and to turn off a paper tape, having torn off itself the necessary number of tickets. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team