10 things which never do happy couples

10 things which never do happy couples

Each loving couple has secrets of wellbeing. But there are 10 things which happy couples never do. If people want to keep cordial relations for the long period of time, they should refuse these things too.

If from outside to watch people in love, then it seems that they were just lucky to find the second half. It appears, it not absolutely so. To achieve harmony in the relations and to keep love, it is necessary to refuse 10 things.

Forbidden things

To keep initial love and to remain true each other, it is necessary to follow certain rules. It is impossible at all:

  • To complain of the beloved (beloved) to friends and colleagues. It is indecent to parade problems which exist in couple not only, but it is still useless. After a while your relations will return to norm, and the opinion of people around on your second half will be spoiled. In exchange it is better for complaints to talk frankly with each other to smooth arisen misunderstanding in couple.
  • To bring other couples into comparison. It cannot be done categorically as the relations in "ideal couples" can be not such at all with what they are presented to people around. Live and build the relations as you want.
  • To pose as the victim. If you were married not violently, then you should not accuse each other of the arisen problems as it will not lead to anything. The best decision — straight talk.
  • To be excessively serious. If you want long continuation of the relations, study ease and self-irony. It is not necessary to dramatize each mistake or offense of the partner.
  • It is constant to criticize. In each person there is something good and something bad. If the love reigns in your couple, learn to forgive each other shortcomings.
  • To avoid a financial subject. In happy couple there should not be bans on discussion of joint finance. Good income — pledge of the successful future therefore discuss and plan income and expenses together.
  • To pretend to be psychics. If you are not clairvoyants, then openly speak with each other about feelings. It helps to adjust the relations on the necessary harmony and excludes possible misunderstanding in couple.
  • To exaggerate. Darling exists not daily to throw out on him a heap of negative emotions which collected at you. If it is necessary to share any problem, surely find out from the beloved whether you chose a suitable moment for this purpose.
  • To grab roles. If on an appointment you told the partner that at you some business especially well turns out, then you should not devote it all free time. Consider the interests of each other.
  • To carp at the slightest pretext. At modern life there is a set of a negative therefore you should not add it each other in the relations. If your second half does not wipe a crumb from a table, then it is yet not an occasion to daily "saw" it for it.

Derogation from rules

All above-mentioned rules are conditional. It is not recommended to build them in a cult, unpacking on a single sheet of paper and primagnichivy on the fridge or some other place. If to make it, then as a result constant following to these rules will begin to irritate both of you sooner or later. It is better to follow them at the subconscious level.

That the good result turned out, this advice has to be followed by all means about the partner. Following these artless rules, you will constantly feel not only harmony in the relations, but also continuous love and support from outside each other.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team