10 things which you never change in the man

10 things which you never change in the man

Do you want to change something in the man? Appearance, internal qualities, attitude towards you? Only nerves you will spend also forces, and the result can not be pleasant to you. Yes there are also such things which in principle cannot be changed.

Whether there will be it regular viewings (perhaps even behind beer with friends) broadcasts of matches on TV or – do not stir serious training in the hall (in the field, court, in the pool). And the more so do not force to choose between sport and you. Once (at the beginning of the relations, because of strong love, unwillingness to quarrel, etc.) the man will miss a game, another will go to be engaged or watch a match secretly, and the third … can openly prefer sport to you. Also it will be right.Male fan? It is simpler to support, than to grumble.

The trend "about the relations should talk" a few years. Still half a century it was wild even back to present that the man can discuss love and friendship as if the best friend. Today some men learned it, but the majority nevertheless prefers to keep silent. Told once: "I love, I marry", and will be enough. Further such person will show the feelings good warm attitude, care. Here if there is no it, then it is possible to decide that something is not right.something is not right.something is not right. And if the husband or darling all is good, only the taciturn person, be glad better that he is such traditional and serious.

No, probably, such man who would not be revolted hours-long collecting "to the public" (behind bread, to the dacha to dig potatoes, for work and so forth) the second half. Wise husbands just begin to gather when their woman is already ready. There are those who reached an enlightenment and can wait just long, looking in emptiness, thinking of something special while his girlfriend dozens of times peremerivat dresses, is painted, styles hair and is engaged in other important things. The majority are indignant. Strongly are indignant. It is impossible to change it. It is better to change to the woman and to learn to gather at least for an hour.Darling, I am already almost ready!

Sex without love. Fast sex with the stranger. Desire of other women (even if the – is desired and loved). An opportunity to change just like that because an opportunity appeared … Of course, and similar occurs among women. But in the majority nevertheless it is men's prerogatives.

Such person, of course, can change, for example, because of strong love. But it is optional. Many do not mix own long relations with the favourite partner, the wife and frivolous (on them, naturally, a look) meetings with other women. And you will do nothing with it … You can not know, reconcile, eat chance to live long family life with such person. You cannot accept it it, probably, to you to leave more simply.

When there was the first acquaintance whether long ago there was the first kiss and sex … and what to speak – even many men can not remember date of a wedding. Believe: they not from the evil.

If it is so important for you, organize "reminders". Only you do not grumble, and stick, for example, on the fridge or a special board stickers, send the necessary information to phone, send the special program to the laptop. All in your hands.

Well, of course, if it brags of you. But so it happens not always. Quite often men tell friends (and some even to the mothers) such details which you would like to hide. For example, that you have not a really elastic breast or that you are able to do something like that in sex ….

In this regard men differ in nothing from women. We gossip, so? Why then it is impossible for others?

"Darling I was late at work". (And itself met friends). "Yes, I have breakfast". (Actually even coffee before an exit did not drink from the house). "Did not hear phone call". (Yes just there was no wish to answer). Men lied, lie and will lie …

It is, however, universal line. If lies not global, do not play in the detective. You will preserve to yourself nerves. Also remember whether always you tell the truth.

If prior to a wedding your husband loved democratic style in clothes, then and after it will not begin to feel delight from a three-piece suit, kind of you did not want it. Preferred the things bought by mother (pants only family, shirts from cotton, and under trousers – underpants)? Means and will continue even if it will enrage you. When you meet the such metrosexual (that even your friends doubt his orientation), do not wait that under your influence he will turn into a brutal.

Accept the person it what he is. Or do not accept absolutely.

The man who already at the first visit to you repaired the crane beat a shelf, in 50 years will come to an old age in the house built by own hands. You at the same time he "will construct" so too that you will think only of the house and an order. And the goof to whom all the same that in the apartment everything falls off and who in an emphasis does not see the scattered garbage it and will remain. Will you be able to live with it? At the most optimistic forecast he will earn on a cleaning and team of workers. But so occurs not always.

And it is already serious call. The rude man allowing an opportunity to curse, humiliate and the more so – it will be necessary to hit the woman not simply with that. These qualities will be aggravated over the years. If you do not want to turn into the victim of domestic violence once, hundred times think … No, not that it is necessary to re-educate such person. It's impossible! In any way! Never! And running from it, while the getting is good.Over time it will only be worse.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team