10 things with which women irritate men

10 things with which women irritate men

The female psychology differs from men's and it becomes the reason for emergence of the conflict of interests. Some features of behavior for women seem norm, but at the same time strongly irritate men.

The relation of representatives of different floors to the same things can differ from each other. Each person has the right to identity but some female habits strongly irritate men. If there is desire to construct the happy relations and to become for the partner the best, it is worth paying attention to these things and whenever possible not to do what is not pleasant to darling. 

Insignificant talks

Women very much like to talk. They are ready to do it for hours, but such addiction seems to men strange. Especially irritates them when the darling starts insignificant talks at the most unsuccessful moment. If the man came home tired, it is necessary to allow it to have a rest a little, but not to speak without stopping. Experts assure that they during the conversation of the woman remove emotional pressure, and men, on the contrary, get tired. For this reason insignificant talks cause fatigue, rage, irritation in men.

Invasion into personal space

Men need to have personal space. Many women want to control the darlings, constantly ask about feelings, want to know what they think of. Such behavior seems to men too persuasive. If the woman not only interferes in personal space, but also manipulates, tries to take everything under personal control, she risks to lose darling. 

Tears and hysterics

Women often are excessively emotional. It is possible to reconcile to it if tears and hysterics appear only on very good reasons. When it happens often, men just do not know how to react. The person able to make row at the slightest pretext causes not just irritation, and fear. When men face tears and women's aggression in response to some harmless things, they begin to control the words and acts. It is followed by feeling of discomfort and causes irritation. 

Talk with girlfriends

The habit of women to share the most intimate with the girlfriends is not pleasant to their elects. Many men note that they constantly feel awkward on the fact that some strangers know more about their relations than it is necessary. Not to irritate the partner, it is necessary to treat the subjects discussed with girlfriends selectively. It is better not to discuss some intimate things. 

Lack of punctuality

The habit of women to gather and be late long many men enrages. Men have a few other ideas of time. If darling says that she is almost ready and just about will leave the house, they perceive it literally. When it is found out that the woman only begins to be painted and put on, it forces them to be nervous strongly. 

Order in personal belongings of the man

Women very much hozyaystvenna. Many love an order and seek to guide it not only in the things, but also in things of darling. When the relations become closer, to them it seems that it is necessary to clean up its room, to touch books, personal belongings. Angers men when it is not agreed with them. They perceive such initiative as attempt of invasion into personal space. 

False modesty

The false modesty, pretense of women causes bewilderment in many men. They give darlings compliments, and in reply hear about extra kilos, lack of a make-up. Such reaction to a praise of men irritates and over time they in general cease to praise. 


Many women are inclined to take offense almost without cause. When darling constantly states the claims, takes offense, it angers the man. He should control constantly the behavior once again not to tread on corns of the partner. The situation when the woman takes offense is even more difficult and is silent. It is necessary only to guess that became the reason of the spoiled mood. 


The slight jealousy strengthens the relations that cannot be told about jealousy pathological. To men it is extremely unpleasant when darling tries to control each their step, to check mail, pages on social networks. Some women make scandals and hysterics when they suspect darling of flirtation or treason. Such behavior poisons the relations and is capable to become the dissonance reason. 

Circulation on shops

For men infinite circulation on shops – the real test. They do not understand women's hobby for hours to choose clothes and footwear. Some men are confused by financial side of a question. They consider that their darling spends for herself too much. But more often it is not pleasant to men that the woman pays to shopping much attention and persistently invites to keep her the company. 


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team