10 tricks at communication with children

Recently very often began to notice a picture when someone's child begins to be capricious in public, and his young parents in perplexity try to calm the madcap, shouting, grabbing hand, intimidating by a thong, etc. And so there are easiest ways of it to avoid, having applied small cunning.


1. It is not necessary to throw to the child of a phrase, type: "Went rather how many for you to wait!" It is possible to use cunning a little here, having replaced the worn-out phrase on: "On start, attention... march! Ran!" And the child will run as you also wanted! But without nerves, tears and hysterics.

2. Quite often mothers resort to: "You eat, otherwise you will not receive a dessert". You should not do it! Try to interest: "After this kroookhotny cutlet will disappear, to you something tasty will arrive"!

3. "Clean up". Sounds roughly and, perhaps, silly. Instead just say by a pensive voice: "Here if you were a wizard, and could conjure an order on a table...". Quite perhaps it will work far better!

4. Never you say: "Do not disturb!" Try instead: "Go, play a little. And when I will be released, we will arrange a mini-holiday". There is nothing more effective in education of the child, than interest something. 100 percent method!

5. Instead of dissatisfied: "Be not capricious, a piracy t-shirt in washing, put on that which is" - "Look, and here the relative of your piracy t-shirt. Let's it put on?"

6. Parental cry from the heart, type: "You will go to bed, at last!" it is safely possible to replace on: "To show you a cunning way of concealment by a blanket?"

7. Instead of angry: "On a bottom wanted?" - to exhaust: "Interestingly, to whom it I will tear off ears now and I will give a dressing down?"

8. Instead of powerless: "That I any "do not want" did not hear!" - it is unexpected to cry: "Oh, look, a kaprizka came running. Catch, catch it that it to us did not spoil mood!"

9. Instead of tiresome: "How many times to repeat" - to tell mysterious whisper: "One-two-three, I give the classified information... Repeat how heard".

10. Instead of mentor: "Washed hands?" - to offer: "We argue what water from your hands will begin to flow black?"

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team