10 ways to check whether you are pleasant to the girl

10 ways to check whether you are pleasant to the girl

Often women skillfully hide the sympathy in relation to the man. We offer you 10 fast tests for identification of female interest. Having applied them, you learn, are pleasant to the girl or not.

Way 1.

If you met views, it is necessary to mark about 40 seconds. And if during this time she does not look in your party any more, then, most likely, the look was accidental. In case you are pleasant to it, she with high probability will look at you once again. The psychology of women is so arranged. They really do the second look during a short period of time.

One more test can be applied when you sit in one audience at a lecture or at a lesson, and you have a feeling that it very fixedly watches you. Then just considerably yawn. If within the next seconds the girl yawns too, then can be sure: she attentively looked at you.

Way 2.

When the girl to whom you take a liking communicates with other guy, just approach and greet it. Further look at its reaction. If it is confused (will look down or will take away) or will just say hello with a dead-pan, then it likes more that person to whom she talks;

Quite another matter, if she is very glad to see you and will actively greet. It will mean that to you she is not indifferent.

Way 3.

Try to mention cheerfully in its presence, for example, a premiere of the film, some concert or other event. Further just observe.

If it interests the girl and she is positive and with delight will answer your words, then can safely invite her to go to an action with you. It is very convenient and painless method.

Way 4.

This way will approach if you did not communicate with it yet, but are in some one room. You have to just take and "stare" a look in some subject. And if during the near future she looks in that party too, it will mean that she really is interested by you. It works both with girls, and with guys.

If an object on which you are concentrated begins to look at any other object, then you automatically too begin to look there.

Way 5.

Begin to touch it. But at first contacts have to be unostentatious. You can just clap friendly it it can do, hold her waist when you pass it in a doorway. Pay attention as it reacts to these touches. You instantly define, whether it likes it or notwhether it likes it or notwhether it likes it or notwhether it likes it or not.

Way 6.

If you are in the friendly company, and some girl is pleasant to you, then tell a simple phrase bait. For example, "I plans had tonight Hm".

And if the girl has interest to you, then she, most likely, will ask: "And what plans?", "And whom you meet there?" or something like thatsomething like that. Just at it will earn instincts and jealousy at once, and she will want to eat at you someone or not.

Way 7.

This way well is suitable for the friendly company. The people's psychology is so arranged that if all begin to laugh at one joke, people on an instinct look at that person who is pleasant to them. Pay attention to the girl in that case: she looked at you or not.

Way 8.

In an unostentatious situation let it know about the interests. For example, you play the guitar, are interested in a certain sport, are fond of books – anything. Tell it about it and observe.

If you are pleasant to the girl, then she will begin to be interested in it too soon, in a conversation with you will bring up these subjects.

Way 9.

Pay attention to her girlfriends. They usually know who is pleasant to it. And if you are pleasant to the girl, be sure that her girlfriends know about it.

Way 10.

The excellent method to check the girl for sympathy is a gesticulation. Just make noticeable gesture and you look, she will repeat it or not. It is important that the gesture was convenient both physically, and psychologically. For example, you sit at one table, and at you at all is on a glass. It is possible to take it for a leg and to begin to twist. It is also possible to take, for example, the writing handle and to begin to play it. If you are pleasant to it, then the girl at the level of an instinct will begin to repeat these simple actions.

These ways can really "give" the girl. Apply them, and it will be easier for you "to read" girls.  

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team