11 phrases which will never be said by the clever woman

11 phrases which will never be said by the clever woman

The woman allocated with mind and worldly wisdom watches not only the acts, but also words. It is never better to say some phrases to offend other person and not to spoil the relations with it.

In the course of communication with the beloved or with someone from close people it is important to be the most correct and tactful. Some words can painfully wound the interlocutor, tread on his corns. Psychologists call 11 main phrases which will never be said by the clever woman. If there is desire to leave about themselves a good impression and to keep trusting relationship, it is necessary to refuse such statements. 

""I spoke, and you did not trust""

The woman shows the superiority over the man when tells him: ""I spoke, and you did not trust"". This phrase humiliates the person, reminds him that at it something did not turn out or he made a mistake. So often parents when they try to teach something the children speak, and those all the same do everything on the and are mistaken. Even if such situation occurred, it is not necessary to reproach the person. Everyone has the right to the opinion. If the man was not right, he will draw necessary conclusions. 

""You look for the years bad""

""You look for the years bad"" - a phrase which cannot be said in the course of communication both with the man, and with the woman. Women take such words even more painfully. If it is not pleasant how the person looks, it is possible just to keep silent. 

""I on your place...""

Wise and clever women never try to impose someone the point of view and to specify how to do right thing. When the person authoritatively reports about that he made, having appeared in a certain situation, he does not give the chance to the interlocutor most to find problem solutions. As an exception only cases when someone from relatives asks for suggestions can serve. 

""I do not understand how it was possible to meet it""

The clever woman understands that tastes and requirements at all different. The close girlfriend or the relative can be offended strongly, having told her: ""I do not understand how it was possible to meet it"". You should not condemn the choice of the person as it sounds humiliating. If directly declare to the woman what bad was her former, her self-assessment falls. 

""And you precisely love me?""

The clever woman perfectly understands that his actions, but not words are important for assessment of the relation of darling. You should not ask it constantly: ""You love me?"". He has to tell such words and at those moments when it wants to tell it. And even better will tell its acts about feelings. 

""Again you paid attention to the mother?""

In the relations with the man it is very important not to speak badly about his mother, not to remind him that they communicate too much that it cannot ""come off a mother's skirt"". It humiliates darling, spoils the relations in couple. If the man is too strongly tied to the family, such reproaches remind once again how it was good to live with parents.

""You need nothing and you go down stream""

If the woman does not want her elect to lose desire something to do, you should not speak to him: ""You need nothing and you go down stream"". Such phrase offends and destroys an initiative. At first the person has an internal indignation, but then he calms down and even reconciles to such state of affairs. It has no more incentive to achievement of some purposes because darling already recognized its insolvency. 

""Follow an example of the friend""

The wise woman will never cite someone as an example. It does not affect people at all and it is one of the most important laws of psychology. Reproaches are that the friend reached something bigger and it is necessary to follow an example of him, cause only irritation. 

""Probably, it is silly, but after all I will tell...""

It is correct to communicate with people - true art. The wisdom is in that in the course of the conversation not only to show respect for the interlocutor, but also not to lose the prestige. ""Probably it is very silly, but I after all will tell..."" - a phrase which it is precisely necessary to refuse. Saying it, the woman as though apologizes in advance and reports that she is afraid to seem silly. 

""I try, but nothing is impossible to me""

""I try, but me nothing is impossible to me"" - a phrase which the child, but not grown wise experience the adult can say. If the woman is not happy with result of the work, she should consider further tactics of behavior and, perhaps, to change something, but not to spend force for justifications. 

""If you do not make it, I will leave""

To try to manipulate feelings of the person - the bad idea. Often women say to the beloved: ""If you do not make that I want, I will leave"". Such manipulation is doomed to a failure. Even if the man will agree with the laid-down conditions and will follow the tastes of the darling, he will not feel internal psychological comfort. After a while reception will cease to work and then the relations cannot be saved. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team