11 things which men and women do differently

11 things which men and women do differently

Aspects of relationship of floors are scrupulously sorted in a set of books on psychology. In particular, as the main cause of quarrels and misunderstanding the experts call gender distinctions. They are traced at men and women literally in everything – in behavior, habits, perception of the world around. As to change each other – occupation useless, to these distinctions, best of all, to belong from shares of humour and enviable tranquility in acceptance of inevitable.

Experience of difficulties

Meeting difficulties, women and men behave differently. Ladies need to speak a problem, to share it with an environment (mother, the girlfriend, the husband), to listen to a set of councils and opinions. Having sounded the experiences, it becomes easier for woman to move further. The fear and uneasiness as if she not one resists to difficulties decreases even if it at all not and to help with the matter people around not in forces.

Men, on the contrary, prefer not to discuss the problems once again. They become reserved, become gloomy and silent, want to stay alone. Favourite music, watching TV, sex, alcohol, tasty food help to reduce stress to them. Having arranged to a brain necessary rest, men start search of ways of overcoming difficulties. At the same time advisers irritate them more likely, than set thinking as men got used to rely in everything only on themselves.

Perception of feelings of other people

The woman precisely and unmistakably notices changes of mood of people around. In the course of evolution her brain for centuries adjusted to the round-the-clock data collection and processing, in particular, for the help and effective protection of children. Therefore she will always notice if the child is upset or the husband is angry.

Men, alas, are not able to read out an emotional state on the smallest details of behavior, gestures, a look. They need verbal confirmation of any visible changes. When the angry woman on a question of mood lies that with her everything is good, the man will believe words, than nonverbal signals more likely. Therefore the stronger sex needs to speak about the emotions directly if you wait for sympathy or participation from the partner.


With simultaneous performance of several cases at representatives it develops of both sexes differently too. The woman who got used to a social role of mother, wife, hostess with ease copes with situations when at once it is necessary to solve a set of problems. For example, she quite can make a lunch, to look after children and to stir at the same time by phone. And men got used to be engaged at first in something in one, and then to undertake the following business. Therefore, having left on the husband household chores and the child, ladies on return quite often find chaos and the angry spouse who did not manage to execute also half of the charged duties.

Storing of information

Women treat trifles more tremblingly. They remember better birthdays, others tastes and preferences where and that is stored in their house. Men, on the contrary, do not litter the brain with similar information, they concentrate on more global things which will be useful in work or communication with people. Features of memory at of both sexes are that. Therefore in the love relations the woman, most often, undertakes a role of the secretary who is constantly reminding to the partner of important dates or the location of various objects.

Acoustical perception

The woman by nature has more sensitive hearing, she will hear the slightest concern of the baby even through sound sleep. Men, on the contrary, sleep tight and to accidentally wake them absolutely not easy. But they define the direction of a sound in space more precisely that is the remote reminder on the lost hunting instincts.

Female hearing easily divides sources of various sounds therefore to conduct a conversation at the turned-on TV to ladies quite comfortably. Men are not able to change so dexterously in the brain sound channels. They at first will lower loudness, and then will continue a conversation.

Perception of tastes and smells

At women the perception of sweet taste is better developed therefore they become more often sweet teeth. Men are more competent of bitter and salty tastes, than their devoted love for beer speaks. Regarding perception of smells the leadership belongs to the weaker sex, and the female sense of smell has property to become aggravated even stronger in the period of an ovulation.

Removal of clothes

If to look narrowly, then household habits of women and men differ even in such trifles as undressing. It is more convenient to stronger sex to remove things, getting hands for a back and tightening for the upper edge. Whereas ladies cross hands on a stomach and from two parties pull clothes up. Everyone their these ways bears the impress more likely traditions. In female clothes there are long dresses or just fitted things which cannot be removed in any way differently, except lifting for bottom edge.

Pose for sitting

Clothes and standards of behavior dictate to both floors the poses for sitting. Men prefer to place widely legs, and girls just hold them reduced together. One more typically female manner of sitting – having thrown a leg on a leg. In a short skirt or a dress it is difficult to afford something bigger, without being afraid to hear at the same time charges of dissolute and indecent behavior.


Women yawn, accurately covering a mouth with a palm. Men use more brutal gesture – bring a fist to the person.

Setting of a belt of a dressing gown

Even such universal article of clothing as a dressing gown, each floor carries in own way. Ladies, wishing to emphasize a waist, tie a belt strictly on its line. Men lower it slightly below.

Drawing of hands

On a request to show the man's hands, most often, give them palms up. The option is for some reason closer to women to a turn the back up. The most popular version why so occurs, is connected with love of ladies for care for nails. They will never miss an opportunity to show to people around the remarkable manicure.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team