12 councils for washing

12 councils for washing

learned to erase much earlier, than to read and write. Throughout centuries they thought out various cunnings connected with washing.

The drawing given below will help to make your washing more convenient and effective:

12 useful tips on washing and drying of clothes:

  1. If your socks constantly disappear, one by one, it is time to get a grid bag. Put socks in a grid, and the grid – in the washing machine and in several hours you is waited by a bag of svezhestiranny socks which 100% will not be lost.
  2. If you are going to dry a cotton blanket or a fluffy coat, put tennis balls in the washing machine. In operating time of the dryer they will shake up your things and will make them softer.
  3. Throw tennis balls and a dry towel into the dryer. The towel will absorb all moisture, and balls will prevent coupling of clothes.
  4. If your clothes are pursued by static electricity, throw during drying into the dryer a self-made ball from a foil.
  5. If on your clothes the fat spot got, sketch it chalk and put to be erased.
  6. Once a year you clean the washing machine from a soap raid – start a washing cycle hot water and pour some white vinegar.
  7. Your linen will become even more white if to rinse it white vinegar (fill in liquid in a container for rinsing).
  8. It is good to presoak white linen in soda solution – 1 cup on 4 liters of water.
  9. The tablet of aspirin will make your linen snow-white – dissolve 4 tablets in hot water and wet in it white clothes.
  10. To keep brightness of color linen, add 1 cup of salt during rinsing.
  11. To keep saturated black color of your clothes, add a cup of freshly brewed tea or coffee.
  12. That the clothes pleasantly smelled, add to laundry detergent of a little lemon juice.

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