12 secrets of economy of the family budget

12 secrets of economy of the family budget

How to save money? This question torments many. Actually there are several simple rules which will allow to save money and to begin to postpone savings.

1. Take every time for a habit to postpone the small sum of money, for example, about 10% of own income.

2. Small and the more so large purchases surely fix all in a notebook. Thus, you will always know on what money leaves, the most important is to write down how many it is spent for useless needs.

3. To pay for the credits. Try to distribute all debts as soon as possible.

4. To leave off smoking. It would seem, the insignificant sum of money which you spend for a pack of cigarettes, in a year can pour out in rather serious sum. Having left off smoking, you not only will save this sum, but also keep the health.

5. Moderate driving driving. And if it is possible, then change from the car on public transport at least for some time or just walk. More usefully, and more economically.

6. Use accumulative cards. Now most shops offers various discount cards of regular customers, on them it is possible to shop with a good discount.

7. You do not go to shop to a hungry stomach. When you are hungry, you buy twice more products, than it is necessary.

8. Purchases among a week. Ideal option for purchase – Monday through Wednesday. These days it is less buyers and the seller can find for you more time, pick up that it is necessary for you, but not what got.

9. Purchases according to the list. Before a visit of shop surely do the list of purchases. It will allow you to avoid acquisition of unnecessary things.

10. Keep checks. They will be necessary in case the goods appeared inadequate quality. Then it can be returned.

11. Do not buy cheap goods. Low prices – it is not so favorable as it would seem. These are tricks of marketing specialists. If the prices really very low, then such goods are usually useless.

12. Compare the prices. Do not run at top speed to buy the first goods in the first shop, perhaps, in other shop the same goods cost cheaper. At first compare the price, and then make the decision on purchase.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team