13 councils how to live in happy marriage prior to a golden wedding

13 councils how to live in happy marriage prior to a golden wedding

Seldom who manages to live in marriage prior to the most golden wedding. But nevertheless there are people who perfectly get on for long years and come to an old age together. What secrets at them? Here several councils how to live in happy marriage prior to a golden wedding.

1. Tomorrow is a new day. You should not go to bed angry, without talking with each other. It is possible to postpone the conflict until morning, having turned it into a joke. Filling up, embrace each other and you lay down only with a smile.

2. Concede if you can. You should not win family always, sometimes defeat is a victory.

3. Never criticize. Under no circumstances do not criticize the partner. Each time the offense will grow more and more.

4. You – each other mirror. Any yours of good luck or failure affect your partner. Let in your partner only all best be reflected.

5. You are proud. You have to be proud of the partner.

6. Children. Common goals unite, and one of the best purposes in marriage are children.

7. Good sex. There should not be absolutely no question which you would be ashamed to discuss with each other. In the sexual plan everything has to be good.

8. Travel. Change the countries, apartments, a situation, you go to extreme travel, surely together.

9. The family is not temporary, but a constant. Throw out those words and thoughts which can do pain or harm.

10. Do not flirt. Absolutely at all forget all the former, friendship with being never led to anything good. More likely, was the destroying factor for the new family relations. Flirtation dangerous piece.

11. Contract on friends. Promise the soulmate that all opinions of friends which you hear will be got rid. You look at the soulmate as on the best.

12. Strong you hold the friend the friend. To break – not to build. To divorce never late, and only strong people can keep the relations. You have to be team, you are not rivals, you together go towards one aim.

13. Trust and love. It is easier to love, than to be favourite therefore allowing to love himself, accept love with gratitude. Help each other with everything. If there is no trust, there are no relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team