13 life situations which each woman will understand

13 life situations which each woman will understand

It happened, perhaps, to each woman. Perhaps, at the time of emergence some situations seemed the real problems, caused a storm of emotions. But, as practice shows, it is the best of all to concern them with humour!

The heel got stuck

It can occur: on the escalator, during pass on a sewer lattice, on walk on the road paved with uneven stones... From surprise it is easy to fall a nose forward. Fortunately, much more often the owner of thin high heels hairpins just risks to walk a little under laughter of people around barefoot. Laughter laughter, but you fight for a shoe! Look for and get out it of captivity. Only do not break footwear in the course of the rescue operation and do not subject yourself and surrounding dangers (when state of emergency occurred in the subway, for example).

The nail broke

To thicket it happens to the nails increased. But also the are not insured from unexpected demolitions. Grief that one breaks, and manicure it is necessary or to remake everything, or to urgently look for an opportunity (and means!) on repair of "the wounded fighter".Trifle, and it is unpleasant

Left the house, and the hairstyle collapsed

It happens when (certainly, before special cases when it is necessary to look on everything 100!) on the street strong wind, it is too damp, it is raining. And you will make nothing with weather! It is necessary only to smile and it is proud to bear the uncombed head.Thanks to weather

Cosmetics broke or scattered

Ironically – the most expensive and (or) favourite. Which you protected and with which were painted in Special cases. Or which used publicly, specially to show the high status. Like, we too not a bast boards, not from Fix Price at us cosmetics, and from Dior.

Well, happens. We collect everything that was dropped, we buy new powder, shadows or lipstick, well or we save for them.

Purchase awfully inconvenient shoe

And devilishly beautiful, of course! In this footwear your legs are shown to the best advantage.

Payment is inevitable: bloody callosities, natoptysh, leg pain already later a couple of hours of carrying "fine a shoe". But it was worth it, true?Beautifully, but it is impossible to rise

Unequally made up eyes

First of all it concerns arrows. Even if "is got the hand", identical thin lines turn out far not from the first. And as different eyebrows enrage! Especially when they by nature strongly differ. And, of course, it is very unpleasant when shadows on centuries look unequally too.

So the person all is asymmetrical. At most of Hollywood stars different eyebrows and a nonideal make-up. But we from far away consider others by the embodiment of beauty and an ukhozhennost, and ourselves and the shortcomings we study with a magnifying glass, truly? Council: if result absolutely seams, recolour or wash away cosmetics from eyes. If it is not critical, it is simpler to leave. Nobody (we assure you – nobody) will notice anything.

Attempts (and tortures!) to sleep in hair curlers

Because the head of hear is three hairs in two ranks, and every day to do professional laying – only to spoil the sickly hair. And there is a wish the Hollywood curls!

But hair, not increased. And different options of laying are available to you: from "a small demon" to large curls. It is necessary to replace hair curlers only. And if absolutely bothers, it is enough to collect hair in a tail or to lay them the hair dryer.

Transformation into a walking palette

Chose varnish and made up nails in different flowers? Well and let – now there is such fashion! Decided on color of resistant lipstick, and now trial strokes are not washed away from brushes already several days? Do not pay attention to such trifles! But you were precisely convinced that the make-up with such lipstick will not bring you.

Rubbed an eye and gained effect of smokey eye

Well of course, it occurs at the most inappropriate moment: when it is necessary to go "on a carpet" to the administration, before an appointment with the Man Mechty or in an environment of envious competitors.

Not to be dishonored, you always carry with yourself packing of wet towel wipes.

The less bag, the more difficult to find something in it

The ladies' bag is, as we know, "a black hole". In it things of any volume are located and are lost forever. And all necessary! The less handbag, the is more difficult to find something there.

It is such vital law to which it is necessary just to reconcile.

The most beautiful things are small on the size

And even on two. First of all, of course, the speech about jeans. But this trifle does not frighten the real woman. Beauties are able to be compressed! Some as in the memorable clip about Louboutins. And what? But there is a waist, the bottom appetizingly rises! The effect costs any victims.

In someone else's photos – frightened

The more you pose and you try, the worse. Believe: unfortunate photographers do it not from the evil (in any case, not everything, we do not take envious women into account). You just too to yourself are critical.

That though to be a little satisfied with itself, study councils of professional photographers and models as it is better to pose. It will turn out over time.

Only were going to grow thin, the time of feasts begins

Such sufferers it is visible at once. They sit at a table d'hote and sadly look at eaters. Chew useful salad.

Or you do not go to similar actions, or you suffer. Also do not give in on arrangements of people around to eat one piece of a cake, "from one you will not recover".

Axiomatic situation

If to dress up and make up – though now on Vouge cover, then nobody pays attention. But once you leave the house literally for a minute – to take out garbage or behind bread, and a look corresponding (father's track bottoms, a pigtail on long ago dirty head, and on a nose a pimple), will surely meet: familiar gossip and Man Mechty who was with the new ideal girlfriend.

You will do nothing with it. Here the main thing is not to be confused and not to hide. If your internal state is on the ball, you – always the Queen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team