15 shameful things which are done by each woman

15 shameful things which are done by each woman

The etiquette and standards of behavior in society impose many restrictions. Especially it concerns women who simply are not able to afford to look ridiculously and unpleasantly. However there are many shameful things which the woman does very often and prefers to anybody to tell about it.

To shave legs only where it is visible

Justifications at girls in this case iron. First, on hips the hair grow more slowly therefore why to shave off them too often? Secondly, in some zones the hair are less noticeable. As a result it is quite often possible to see a situation when the girl goes in a summer dress, her calves and a shin absolutely smooth, and standing above a knee there is a delicate down.

To hate other people's children

There is a stereotype that the woman has to be touched to all children in a row and love most of them. Actually all not so: foreign children can cause not just irritation, but also frank hatred. However it is impossible to admit it to people around as condemnation will be too strong. 

To walk in one bra several days

Underwear is recommended to be changed and washed every day is a basic rule of hygiene. If with the lower part of a linen set this rule most often works, bras can be worn for weeks without washing - in it, alas, many women do not see anything critical.

To dig in phone of the partner

Women about the nature are more curious. And if it is about convicting the spouse or the beloved of incorrectness, the moral aspect of a question will easily recede into the background. It will be often easier for woman "to fall" before reading others correspondence, than to suffer guesses and to wind a situation. 

To lie about the prices of purchases

In this case everything depends on the purpose. If you lower savings on a new handbag, it is not obligatory for husband to know its exact cost at all, it is better to diminish accident scale. But if there is a wish to brag to the girlfriend of a branded sweater, the price can and be "trebled" to prove - you can afford it!

To hide the number of intimate partners

"Who at us not the first, that at us the second": this hackneyed saying is not deprived of wisdom. If with the man there are serious relations, it is not obligatory to tell him about all the previous torrid love affairs at all. It is enough to tell of one ex-boyfriend - certainly, having made comparison not in favor of the last.

To retouch the pictures

"To seem, but not to be" - very sad trend of the last years. The number of various applications for correction of a photo led to the fact that both the schoolgirl, and the pensioner can cope with improvement of own picture. As a result the majority of tapes in social networks strike with enormous scales of a retouch, and characters on the photoshoped photos can hardly be recognized in usual life. 

To study allocations on the means of hygiene

Perhaps, this fact sounds disgustingly, especially, for men and the rare woman confesses to such occupation. However from the medical point of view in it there is nothing shameful, moreover - this habit is useful. In huge number of cases quite so it is possible to find some disease in time. If the character, color or intensity of allocations significantly changes - it is a signal to run to the doctor. 

To feign an orgasm

This option is almost inaccessible to the man and therefore gives to the woman enormous advantage. Fatigue, aspiration to quicker complete process, unwillingness to offend the partner - the reasons of simulation of an orgasm can be weight. The main thing - women so skillfully cope with this cunning what to catch them in a lie is almost unreal, the man least of all wants to be deceived in this situation. 

To pretend to be ill to avoid sex

Not to feign an orgasm, it is possible to act still simpler: to feign a slight disease in general to avoid sex. Severe migraine, gripes in a stomach, an osteochondrosis attack - it is possible to invent any indisposition without obvious symptoms. To press in psychological roots of similar manipulations - a difficult task, and not each man has desire to understand it. 

To hide that ate too much alone

To buy the whole cake, pizza or a package of junk food and to eat it alone - it is impossible to confess to such sin to the woman. So nearby to the status of the glutton or the lady with disorder of food behavior. It is much simpler to indulge in food debauchery alone with himself, secretly from all. 

To use cunning with the appearance

The arsenal of female "blendes" in the field of beauty is not limited to false eyelashes and the increased hair for a long time. A shapewear, volume inserts in a bra, imitation of firm nipples is only the few cunnings which women use to mislead men. Though it would be much more fair to put the body in order. 

To discuss intimate details of the man

Statement that men are less talkative, quite misleading. It is worth working in men's collective to be convinced: men's chatter time has unimaginable scales. But it is necessary to pay tribute: men extremely seldom discuss the current intimate relations if they are serious. That is to discuss stormy night with the stranger, easily, and sex details with the wife - for anything. Women can do it constantly, in details and frankly. 

To hide viewing a porn

It can not be pleasant to your man. It can shock not only mother, but also girlfriends. So it developed that viewing a porn is considered for the woman occupation unseemly therefore many prefer to suppress this fact. 

To try cosmetics in others bathroom

Hardly will come to the man in others bathroom to mind to pay attention to any bottle, except for liquid soap. The woman can secretly from the hostess not only open and smell all jars with cosmetics, but also to try something on itself. 

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