25 years of joint life: what is a wedding and that is given

25 years of joint life: what is a wedding and that is given

On the 25th year of matrimonial life celebrate a silver wedding. The spouses who lived together quarter of the century deserve respect and an unforgettable celebration and also noble gifts.

From year to year feelings of two loving people become stronger more and more, the union becomes stronger. Therefore also names of wedding anniversaries become more fundamental over time. From a print wedding to wooden, nickel, pig-iron, and, at last, silver. The twenty fifth wedding anniversary develops strength of precious metal.

Ancient customs and traditions

Silver ring - the main symbol of this wedding anniversary. The husband and the wife have to present each other rings from silver which need to be carried on a middle finger of the right hand, without removing, near wedding rings.

One more ancient tradition – morning washing from a silver jug. If there is no such ware, it is possible to put a silver spoon in the prepared water. Washing happens in 3 stages, everyone has to be made by means of other spouse. The first ablution washes away from the person years and gives youth, the second - carries away disorders and grieves, and the third - prepares for the beginning of a new vital stage. After that ware from the residues of water needs to be exposed on open air - water, evaporating, will take away all troubles and grieves. Earlier after the wedding put three bottles of wine which opened in day of silver anniversary on storage. The first bottle intended to the husband, the second was put on a holiday table for the first toast, and a third spouses had to drink in the evening when there are some.

How to celebrate a silver wedding

This worthy anniversary needs to be celebrated in a big way. If there are desire and an opportunity, it is necessary to call as much as possible friends and relatives and to organize a noisy celebration with toasts, kisses and competitions, as at the real wedding. Laying a wedding table, it is desirable to use table silver, and for ornament - the silver tapes silvered by varnish flowers.

What to present on a silver wedding

The invited guests should not stint on such holiday gifts. The value of gifts has to be in harmony with the value of the twenty-five year relations. Classical gifts on this anniversary are products from silver: jewelry, ware, souvenirs. Silver bracelets, pendants, hours, manicure sets will be suitable for the woman. The spouse will like men's accessories - a silver cigarette case, the lighter, the elegant handle, a ring or cuff links. Ware and table silver – always a valuable and significant present on a silver wedding. It is possible to present the joint photo of married couple framed with a frame from silver. A family tree of family in a silver frame too a relevant and original gift. Good option - the silvered bracket or wall clock with an engraving, a floor vase with dusting from silver, a silver tray. The silver cup or a medal as a prize for so long joint life will be a symbolical gift. Delivery of such gifts has to be followed by the solemn speech.

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