4 types of the men, the worst in the relations

4 types of the men, the worst in the relations

Lyubov is blind, but despite this, there are such types of men of whom it is necessary to steer clear. Otherwise it will be worse.

Really, all of us are inclined to idealize the beloved. And we with pleasure will step on the same rake, deceiving ourselves over and over again until begins to reverse too late.

Actually, partially the reason of it that nobody wants to recognize a mistake. All want to believe that the person is near the best and worthy of all. But when there comes the understanding moment, the slap in the face of reality just forces down from legs and immerses in a chasm of disappointments, alarms and sometimes even depressions.

But the annoying that we see all minuses from the very beginning, but consciously close eyes to them or say to ourselves that it is not important. All of us want to trust in tales that the love even of the villain will be made decent by the person, but - alas! - on that they and fairy tales. It is very important to think the head and to estimate the person objectively, without hoping for the best. Otherwise it is possible to face problems more seriously, than the broken heart.

Of course, nobody is ideal, and to everyone its small weaknesses have to say goodbye. But is also such which even mother Theresa would not lower. Having met the person from one of such "lovely features", run from him quickly and far. And immediately!

Ill-mannered person

These people quite good in itself, here only do not see any borders at all. They are incapable to control the behavior, but will be able perfectly to control you, at the same time without shunning even the most mean ways up to physical coercion. They cannot be blamed as they were just not brought up properly in the childhood, did not explain rather accurately that well and that badly. Do not hope that you will be able to re-educate such savage as any education will become only a mask for a while. It is impossible to change already created personality. People of this type cannot be faithful and reliable as even up to the end do not understand that it. Also concepts of tactfulness or freedom of other person are not quite clear for them.


Often such people are known as emotional vampires. Unfortunately, they even up to the end do not understand how surrounding with them it is heavy. Constant shouts - in itself it is unpleasant, but it is even worse if you decide to fight back. In exchange you will get a double portion of shouts, is only struck that you will be devastated, and your interlocutor will have moral satisfaction. No great qualities belittle harm for your mental health so sever any relations with such person immediately.

Narrow outlook

The most important when choosing the partner - understanding that the relations with it will enrich you spiritually that with it you want to develop and grow. It is unlikely the person abusing the government or living only to have a good time, has the necessary depth of views and variety of thinking. Also narrow outlook does not allow people to understand people around and to empathize them, and for the relations the empathy is very important human quality.

Egoism and low self-assessment

Strangely enough, these two "illnesses" go hand in hand. People with a low self-assessment are the most real egoists. They so endure about themselves darling that they constantly agressirut, are jealous or take offense without the reason. With such person you will constantly make concessions which contradict your values; as a result - "a break of the personality" and full of the change I for the sake of these relations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team