5 advice to parents how to accustom the child to healthy food

5 advice to parents how to accustom the child to healthy food

Healthy food for children lays the foundation for their full-fledged life, provides their growth, physical and intellectual development. Therefore it is extremely important that it was balanced and answered all inquiries of the child taking into account his age and requirements.


1. Tasty or it is useful. For a start parents need to understand that kind of you tried, all the same it will not be possible to limit completely the child from fast food, chocolate and chips. All children, anyway, pass the period of hobby for similar products. And here, how resistant it will be, depends completely on parents. Formation of eating habits happens during from 7 to 11 years. At this age the child perfectly divides "tasty" and "tasteless". And also it develops personal addictions to food.

2. The main thing is not to frighten. As they say in the most ancient proverb - "Forbidden fruit is sweetest". Penetrating lectures about harm of fast food will only play the interest of your child in unhealthy food. Than more you forbid the child, those high probability that the child secretly from you will eat forbidden products. Take yourself in the rule - less words more business!

3. Creative approach. Explaining to the child that pear is much more useful, than chips, do not use a word it "is necessary". As a rule, children always arrive on the contrary. Remember advertizing of the chocolates loved by your child and try to approach also creatively and interestingly promotion to tasty and healthy food.

4. Make a compromise. All parents perfectly know what leads consumption of fast food to. But nevertheless, if several times a month you awake to allow the child to eat that what he wants, then nothing terrible happens to him. After all, children completely repeat the parents. So set the child the correct example, do not afford superfluous.

5. Include imagination. In children, such concepts of a thing are surprisingly combined: conservatism and interest in all new. If the child, for example, refuses boiled beet, it is possible to make interesting and tasty salad with addition of apples or orange. Boring rice porridge can, will turn into an appetizing squash with fruit mix with addition of jam, dried fruits, or just svezhenarezanny bananas or strawberries. And here simple milk - in garnet cocktail

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