5 laws of appeal to the first appointment

5 laws of appeal to the first appointment

The first impression solves everything. Not less than 50% of success of your future relations depend on it. And maybe it is more. The first appointment is not only chance to prove to be from the best sides, but also to play a little with imagination of each other. To force his and your heart to fight a little more often and to derive from it true pleasure.

If the first appointment is 50% of success of your relations, then the appearance is 50% of success of your first appointment. Whether you enter into cafe, turn from round the corner or get out of the car - a couple of minutes while you go to your elect, solves a lot of things. Watching you, he already estimates and, it is kind of cynical did not sound, tries on you to itself. Do not become angry, you do it too! Of course, absolutely not very well, what clothes of color you chose. The main thing that you felt stunningly, without forgetting at the same time about sense of proportion. Choose elegant silhouettes, high heels and stylish accessories. As for a make-up, place emphasis in the eyes, but be not overzealous with intensity. The droplet of favourite perfume will add an image and will make you irresistible.

At last, you met. Your bodies became closer, hearts fight more often. Be careful, it is easy to spoil this great moment an idle household talk (terrible traffic jams, etc.). Excess words are not necessary, just catch his eye, smile and say something it seems: "What day wonderful today, isn't that so?" Give a conversation initiative in his charge further.  

You sat down to a table, and the conversation began. Again remember restraint in words, you do not seek to tell in the first half an hour of acquaintance each other everything about the life. Believe, ahead you will have many opportunities for this purpose. If the man likes to talk, do not deprive of him this pleasure. If the gentleman is reticent – ask questions. At the end evenings you have to leave at the man feeling that he knows you many years and at the same time does not know about you anything. Therefore you speak about yourself less. In addition avoid a talk about problems and a negative. Your task simply is to present each other pleasant evening.

On the first appointment the look has a huge impact. Do you remember the equipment "in a corner - on a nose - regarding"? It still did not lose the relevance. If you feel that the man looks at you, slowly raise eyelids, having looked at first aside, and then down. Further a sharp wave of eyelashes direct a view directly to it. Look in his eyes deeply and frankly, it will disarm any man.

To keep the concerning intrigue, initiate the termination of evening independently. If your elect suggests to see off you, politely refuse. Refer to urgent matters and call the taxi. It you will urge on its interest in your life. You should not ask it to give a ride to you to the house or the subway at all. Joint walks are good, but leave them for next time. Keep light mystery, provide to the man pleasure to solve you gradually.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team