5 main signs of the greedy man

5 main signs of the greedy man

The greedy man is a sentence. Life with such person can turn out intolerable therefore try to distinguish the cheapskate at the very beginning of the relations.

It saves at each opportunity

At the initial stage of the relations it is not always easy to distinguish the greedy man. Moreover, with you he can be more than generous, its purpose is to fascinate and make an impression. If it has serious intentions, he can make expensive gifts, restaurants are good to drive you in and even to pay a joint travel. Even if everything occurs quite so, pay attention to trifles.

The greedy man can scrupulously check the account in cafe, to leave a trifle as a tip, to mask a machine number not to pay for the parking - the list can be infinite. You should not feed illusions that such partner in life just is able to count money, and in relation to you will always be generous. If you connect with him life, soon and your family, and you will become subject to austerity. 

He adores free

The love for notorious "freebie" is destiny of poor and greedy people. Financial solvency - the special level of consciousness at which it is considered normal to pay for everything, whether it be any service or any paid content. The greedy man will always prefer free - to download the piracy version of the movie, to pass a stop in the bus "hare", to go to cafe according to the coupon, to ask about service of the acquaintance instead of addressing the professional for money. He not only will try everywhere "to snatch a nakhalyava", but also to rejoice sincerely to what had not to be paid. Sometimes the aspiration to receive something free of charge looks it is simply a shame.

Such men get in a queue since evening and part forcibly all in crowd to get to shop on "black Friday". They can visit several exercise machines of halls, having used "the first occupation is free" option and not to buy the subscription. Men of similar mentality have an improbable imagination and ability not to pay where it is possible. Only in certain cases such behavior can seem amusing. If all life, before you - the real greedy person from this consists. 

He constantly speaks about money

If activity of your man is connected with finance, or you discuss business matters, a talk about money is quite normal. In all other cases too fixed and detailed discussion of money - an occasion to prick up the ears. This behavior can have various forms. As option, the man considers personal enrichment with a main goal with the life. In it there is nothing bad if behind this purpose there is a certain business or a mission. When it needs money for the sake of money and at the same time at any cost, the man will think of each kopek very much.

Other case - the man who is constantly arguing on financial subjects, whether it be ways of earnings or discussion of someone else's income. The envy and inability to earn much independently, as a rule, is the cornerstone of such talk. For this reason greed is the integral attribute of such person. 

He is extremely attentive to the prices

The avaricious man is most informed on the prices and ways to save on purchases. If you communicate quite recently, can seem to you that this quality - it is rather, the dignity of the man. He knows where to buy cheaper anything, from sour cream to the TV. It is aware of all actions, discounts and sales. He receives all privileges which are due to it and with amazing eagerness beats out them for the aged relatives. It has an impressive collection of bonus cards, and he better in general will refuse purchase, than will make it without the put discount. It would seem, not the man, and a gift? However constant search of benefit, even in trifles, not always a practicality synonym. At the heart of such behavior - unwillingness to leave terribly earned.

Such man will suffer really if he suddenly buys something more expensively, than it was possible. Be not surprised that the similar behavior will be soon projected also on you. To buy clothes from a new collection at the maximum price, to leave the discount card at home, to forget about tax deduction - similar misses will be equated of you to economic crime. 

He is able to cost small

"He lives beyond means": such phrase is usually applied in relation to those who like to spend more, than earns. In a case with the greedy man all on the contrary. He can earn pretty well, but at the same time extremely reluctantly leave money. To update furniture in the apartment if old did not collapse yet - beyond reasonable. To buy new boots if resembles - nonsense. To depart a business class if there are tickets in the house-keeper - unattainable luxury. Such man will be always proud of the ability to live in style of minimalism and with contempt will speak of overconsumption. At the same time it will hardly give surplus of funds on good causes. Money will for many years be preserved on its accounts and will hardly be spent. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team