5 mistakes of women in the relations after which the man will leave forever

5 mistakes of women in the relations after which the man will leave forever

The men consisting in the serious relations are very patient. But if systematically "to check them for durability", can forever leave. It is a little such mistakes, but it is better not to do them. Never.

The first mistake. "To vinovatit" constantly

It is favourite manipulation which in the relations first works (especially if the young man – not the expert of female psychology). "You give attention insufficiently". "You do not give flowers (or you give less often than once a week)". "Did not buy a fur coat". "Did not reduce in restaurant". "Did not bring to Maldives". "You earn a little". "You earn much, but what's the use, I almost do not see you" … – the list is infinite.

Paradox, but this list is exposed, as a rule, to quite good men who really try for the darling, worry about the relations, about family, but cannot just satisfy unreal and escalating inquiries.

If in couple children, then can begin to accuse the father of family with the doubled force, the woman sitting in the decree needs both attention, and change of a situation, and rest. But only not for 100% at the expense of the husband's forces.  

It is even worse if at the girlfriend (the colleague or the neighbor) the satellite allegedly meets expectations of an ideal.

First the man tries to change, thinks: "Perhaps and the truth, with me something not so", begins to become angry then (it is natural protective reaction of any person), and then … He or will suffer, having gritted teeth (because all so live, because family, children), being periodically broken. Or – alas – will leave forever.Do not approach me. I'm offended

The second mistake. To show that for it solved everything

From axiomatic "We will get married" to "Next year we will go to a holiday to mother because I so told, and without objections".

Not without reason say: that the clever woman – the head of the family, but the husband does not guess it. It is important to man to feel that he and only he is a captain (in the relations and the more so – in family). He chose the girl at first just for friendship, flirtation, then he began to consider her candidacy for the serious relations, and nobody, except it, decided that the girl suits it for the rest of life.

And about a statement "The man chases the girl until she catches it" to it it is optional to remember.

If to behave too persistently, the gentleman (and even the ready husband) can be averted from himself irrevocably.

The third mistake. To force to save itself from everything

There is such grade of women who are allegedly very weak, naive and helpless. Without strong male hand will forever be gone. Actually they, of course, will endure all of us, but nobody knows about it.

First this "zolushkina" nature very much flatters. Any, even the most mean and nothing not being man feels like the hero. He comes since other end of the city to see the weak lady from shop to an entrance, and itself is late for the last electric train. Writes for very both very fairly clever girl course and degree. Repairs her the equipment in which that understands nothing. Buys new models of phones (old break, lost, sneak). Employs. Contains if it for some reason cannot work, to be exact – does not want. Buys apartments, cars already to the wife and her numerous relatives.

The dying wives "grow up" from such girls eternally ill and just about if the husband after all reaches the mistress. Quite often similar unions last until death separates. But if the man rebels, will understand that he was bothered by life with some disabled, weak being, it will be impossible to return back him.

Weakness in the woman – it is very good. But also it has to be dosed.

The fourth mistake. To seek to re-educate quickly and hurriedly the man in sex

Experiments in a bed between two loving people – it is very good.

Not all men conservatives. But if the speech not about sex for one night, hardly on the first intimate appointment the man is pleased by prospect to appear as the BDSM slave or he will begin to look for suitable svinger-couple with delight.

It is necessary to accustom the partner to itself and the imaginations nevertheless gradually. And to understand that each person has a taboo. Not to cross some taboos.

And here to frighten of a pressure so that the man ran away forever, easy as a pie.After good sex do not frighten off the man!

The fifth mistake. To be jealous pathologically

When you are jealous, it is very pleasant. Especially, if is jealous not the really outstanding man it is delightful the beautiful girl. And hand-written handsome to fight for themselves from ladies got used, as to something ordinary. But … everything is good moderately.

  • If you get each 5 minutes into its phone. "And who this Katya? I do not believe that just the colleague! You spoke with her the whole 2.5 minutes".
  • When "you are rummaged" in personal correspondences secretly (believe, sooner or later it will be noticed) and you select passwords to mail and messengers.
  • If constantly you try to watch.
  • You check clothes.
  • And especially – constantly you make groundless rows: "I saw that you looked with one eye at that girl, a dog!"

It very quickly bothers. And the man prefers to leave and not to return.What it there for Nikolay Petrovich in contacts?

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team