5 mistakes which are made by women are more senior than 40 years

5 mistakes which are made by women are more senior than 40 years

The woman is more senior than 40 years has many advantages: she developed a self-assessment, it has considerable life experience and already adult children. The mature lady has to look beautiful, well-groomed and graceful. It does not depend on build of the woman at all. It is necessary only to try to avoid the most frequent mistakes made by women for 40.

Demonstration not of so elastic parts of a body

Some ladies, seeking to look younger, slightly open some parts of the body: breast, knees, back. It should not be abused, the woman in 40 years has skin not such elastic, as at the young girl. Even if the body is ideal, it is not an occasion to show all "delights". Others, on the contrary, to hide a stomach or magnificent hips, wear shapeless baggy clothes.Once itself picks up a clothes style which will emphasize advantages of a figure and will hide shortcomings. It is necessary to emphasize skillfully both a slender waist, and a beautiful bust, and elastic hands. In clothes of the woman have to be corresponding I will increase, but fashionable things which will add to her image ease, the present and youth.

Footwear on too high heel

Correctly picked up footwear is of great importance. Very ugly the veins which bulked up standing because of too high heel look. Such footwear only emphasizes age.The leg in shoes on a high heel adopts the unnatural provision. When walking the main loading moves to a front part of foot that affects health of a backbone. Besides, the leg on a high heel adopts the unstable provision that can lead to dislocations, stretchings and ruptures of sheaves.

It does not mean that it is necessary to pass to a flat sole completely. To the woman 40 years are more senior it is necessary to wear shoes on steadier heel of average height. Footwear has to be convenient, not rub a leg.

Excessive hobby for cosmetics

There is no such woman's face in which there would be no peculiar charm. There are, however, women who are not able or do not want to emphasize appeal of the lines. They need to study the appearance, to find own style.

To emphasize in a woman's face of advantage and identity, to hide or at least the make-up will help to make hardly noticeable defects. That the network of wrinkles, age pigmentary spots and the beginning skin withering was not noticeable, many women seek to put a thick layer of cosmetics on a face. The bright and carelessly done make-up not only does not hide age changes of skin, but does them more noticeable.To ladies is more senior 40 it is necessary to watch that the make-up did not look vulgar but only emphasized natural appeal. It is desirable to use cosmetics of pastel tones.

Many women seek to look suntanned all the year round. But they forget that suntan emphasizes age and does skin drier.

Lack of care of health

Each woman after 40 years is simply obliged to watch over the health. It is necessary to undergo medical examination, to annually make tests, to regularly visit the stomatologist and the gynecologist, to get enough sleep. The woman should visit doctors that easy indispositions did not turn into serious chronic diseases. Only good health will allow the woman to look young, to be active, tightened, sexual and beautiful at any age.

Indifference to a body

Without physical activities there is no beauty. And not the age, but laziness is guilty of it. Ignoring of sport can lead to obesity, diabetes and diseases of heart.The sports activities desirable at young age are obligatory in maturity. It can be fitness, yoga, the pool, gym, dances – it is possible to choose for every taste. Usual charging, the Scandinavian walking or jog on skis will bring invaluable benefit to an organism in the winter. The sport is the movement, and, therefore, an opportunity to prevent possible problems with health.

Long to remain young and beautiful, it is necessary to work a little. Each woman sometimes has to indulge herself small gifts. It can be just ink or lipstick, new spirits or a dress, usual massage. It has to have hobbies. The woman is attractive only when she feels such. It is important to select the fashionable clothes corresponding to age and the place, a hairstyle, hair color, to make the correct age make-up. All this will disguise age shortcomings and will emphasize beauty and dignity of the lady. The main problem of the woman consists not in age, and in inability to adapt to it.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team