5 myths about love

5 myths about love

Wrote about love and thousands of scientists spoke, and now for many people the love is a meaning of life. There are many statements, myths, opinions on love. But there are most widespread 5 myths.


1. Contrasts are attracted. It is one of the most widespread myths which sounds very romantically, but actually it not so. Contrasts are attracted only in temperament, it is more in any way. It is unlikely it is possible to meet the strong and long successful relations if partners left the different economic and social environment. 90% of people are for some reason sure that their soulmate has to have opposite qualities which are not enough with him. However long-term researches proved the return that people are attracted by those partners at whom I.Q. and attractiveness are similar.

2. The true love can come only once. The true strong love to the person can come and several times, and every time he will experience new experience of the relations.

3. Lyubov is capable to overcome everything. To stay together for many years, one love is not enough. Existence of love is only the beginning of a long way, it is impossible to go on it without manifestation of patience, sense of humour and reciprocal concessions. Most longer there are devoted each other only those people who have general values. And being in the relations, it is necessary to learn to operate the anger, to solve problems, to suffer and not to give in to a stress.

4. The love lasts up to 3 years. About 13% of couples pass test of love, and their relations are checked long years. It is necessary to distinguishIt is necessary to distinguish passionate love and romantic love as these concepts absolutely different. Elements of obsession, uncertainty, uneasiness are inherent in passionate love. And for romantic Lyubov – sexual compatibility, attachment, pure feelings.

5. Love at first sight. The nature in the person put almost instant definition of whether the relations with any given person are possible at you. It occurs at the first look and arises from a fraction of a second up to 3 minutes. Even if our organism understood that this person really suits us, then it is impossible to fall in love with the person at first sight all the same as at first sight there can be only a slight love, interest. Such feeling as love, comes over time, sometimes on it even years leave. However 11% of the strong unions begin at first sight.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team